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Back at the office, a subordinate brought a cardboard box over and said it was found at the addicted gentleman's house. Lin Qiupu picked it up to have a look. It was an ordinary carton. When it was opened, there was a piece of paper in it that read, "Personal delivery to XX (The name of the addicted gentleman)!"

"Have the fingerprints been checked?"

"Yes, there were only the fingerprints of the gunman himself. There are no others."

"What about his wife?"

"She was sent to do forced rehab. When we took her away, she was still reluctant and bit a comrade of ours. It wasn’t easy, but we got her there in the end."

Lin Qiupu nodded and signaled that they could leave. Most drug addicts couldn’t get rid of their addictions. They could get rid of the physical addiction but it was hard to get rid of the heart’s addiction. When the couple leaves the rehabilitation center in the future, they may fall back into this life and be an unstable factor in society again.

He could only sigh about the matter. He remembered Song Lang once said that the police were just the white blood cells of society. They could only engulf the viruses and infected cells, but they weren’t responsible for treating them.

Sometimes as a police officer, Lin Qiupu would feel helpless. They could only deal with the symptoms of society, but they couldn’t solve it at its root.

Lin Qiupu packed his things and prepared to go home. When he passed the information department’s office, he saw Lin Dongxue, Xu Xiaodong, and a police officer checking something. He wanted to say hello, but decided not to after some thought.

The following morning, the bureau received an emergency report saying that a man in a subway station was holding a hostage with a gun. Lin Qiupu immediately called the police to rush over.

At this time, it was during the peak hours when everyone would go to work. The crowd in the subway station was dense. The police officers shouted, "Excuse me. Police." numerous times before they could finally get to the platform where the incident was occuring. They saw a man with a blue nose and a swollen face leaning on a pillar while holding a woman’s neck. The gun in his hand was pressed against the woman's temple and there was a bald, burly man standing opposite him. The man was wearing a leopard-print singlet and a thick gold chain.

They were surrounded by people and many people took out their phones to take pictures.

"Disperse! Disperse!" Lin Qiupu couldn't care too much at this moment and kept pushing the crowd back.

"The police are here. That's great!" The bald guy said. "Help me judge this. This bastard molested my wife in the train. I taught him a bit of a lesson. He actually dared to take out a gun and take a hostage. Is there justice in this world?"

The woman screamed, "Officers, don't listen to him talking rubbish! He isn’t my husband. He's just a pervert!"

The man with the gun said, "Yes, he’s the subway pervert. I stood

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