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The two arrived at a newly-established film and television base in the countryside. They ate their food directly in the car. The crew had bought out a "village". However, the two had arrived a bit early and the crew was still filming.

It seemed to be a period drama. Su Xiaowei, who still looked young and beautiful in the morning, was now playing a rustic peasant woman. She was filming a scene with another male actor. Lin Dongxue recognized the actor as one who was mildly famous. There were quite a few people at the scene, so nobody noticed the two of them sneaking in.

The actor said passionately and vehemently, "12345678!"

Su Xiaowei tugged his sleeve and said, "Xinmin, do you have to throw away your life? The Japanese have already reached Beiping. What difference does it make for you to go and fight the Japanese soldiers?"

The actor responded, "12345678! 87654321!"

Lin Dongxue giggled. "What are they filming?"

Chen Shi explained, "They’re probably going to do post-production dubbing!"

At the peak of their argument, the actor pushed Su Xiaowei. She fell to the ground and then the actor helped her up in concern.

The director said aloud, "Cut! The fall was too fake. Let's do another one! Let's start from the tugging of the sleeve."

Once again, the director said “Cut!” followed with, “Do you know how to fall? You have to fall backwards with your butt landing on the ground! Your whole body has to lose it’s balance and you have to land with your butt on the ground to make it realistic.”

A few people beside them were laughing. Su Xiaowei apologized with a blushing face.

Then they filmed the scene again. Su Xiaowei fell very hard this time. After the shoot, the director said, "Very good. The expression was very good. Change to another angle and do another one."

The staff immediately busied themselves with work. A group of people surrounded the actor to give him water and re-do his make-up. Su Xiaowei sat on the ground while still maintaining a painful expression on her face. It seemed that she was in real pain from falling.

But no one in the busy group noticed her.

"It's really tough to film shows!" Lin Dongxue sighed sympathetically.

Finally, they waited until noon when it was time for lunch. The actor's assistant bought him lunch separately. He went back to his production van and ate there. Su Xiaowei took a takeaway box meal that was provided, thanked the crew, and found a secluded corner to sit and eat.

Upon seeing this opportunity, Chen Shi signaled with his head and walked over with Lin Dongxue. When she saw that they had come to find her again, Su Xiaowei was visibly a little unhappy. She wiped the rice on her mouth away and said, "How did you find this place?"

"What can be hidden from the police?" Chen Shi handed her a bottle of water.

Su Xiaowei said “Thank you” in a small voice. Chen Shi said, "No need to rush, you can eat first!"

Lin Dongxue asked, "Don’t you have a

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