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Chen Shi took off his headset. "I was watching Luo Zuyu's interviews over the years and there were some small discoveries."

He found a video and dragged it to the middle. The host asked, "Zuyu, congratulations on your new song making the Chinese charts again. Some viewers want to ask how your creative inspiration never dries up."

Luo Zuyu answered with a smile, "Every time I write a new song, I will experience that feeling with all of my heart. Of course, it doesn't mean that I’m really falling in love! I’ve seen a foreign movie. I think it was filmed by a director from Finland or Spain. The male lead had an enemy that he wanted to kill very much. He just made a dummy at home and kept ‘killing it’ with a knife. You only experience that kind of feeling when you put yourself in a similar situation."

After watching this interview, Chen Shi asked, "What do you feel about this?"

Lin Dongxue said, "If you didn't know his background, you may think that he was just making an analogy. Now that we know, I feel that there are hidden meanings."

"Look at the next part."

This video was a recently-recorded variety show. In fact, Lin Dongxue had watched it at Chen Shi ’s house. The host asked, "Some people say that every time you write a song, you fall in love. Is that true, Mr. Luo?"

"No, creation does require experience, but this experience is not a 100% recreation. It's like making the movie called A Nightmare on Elm Street. It’s impossible for the director to have really gone out to kill people! When I create, I may take out some of the things that my former girlfriends gave me and look at them. I might take a look at some old photos and listen to CDs and the like. It’s not like I really go out and fall in love in order to write each song."

Chen Shi pressed the pause button and laughed. "This wasn’t the only time. He mentions the word ‘kill’ in a lot of interviews about new song releases. This is self-disclosure psychology. For example, Xiaodong, I am your father..."

“Huh?!" Xu Xiaodong looked blank.

"I am your biological father, but your father doesn’t know about this..."

"What, I still have a father? What ethical relationship is this?"

"Don’t go off on a tangent. Say that I watched you grow up and knew that you are my son, but other people don’t know. I’ll disclose little bits of information during a conversation with others. For example, I’ll say, 'Xiaodong is such a good boy. It would be nice if he is my son.’ Others wouldn’t feel that there’s anything else implied, but when I say this sentence, I’ll feel secret satisfaction. This is self-disclosure psychology."

"Understood, it's just that the example just now was a bit..."

Lin Dongxue said, "I understand. You mean to say that Luo Zuyu's murder is related to his creation of new songs. Whether intentionally or not, he’s proudly showing off on the show.”

"You’ve got a good understanding of it!" Chen Shi opened the book. "I checked the timing of

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