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Lin Dongxue was pleasantly surprised, saying, "This really was the scene of the crime!"

Chen Shi continued to spray luminol on the tiles, and there were large blood stains on the ground that had been cleaned up. Chen Shi lay on the ground and sniffed it, saying, "It smells of ammonia. This can be used to break down proteins. I'm afraid we won’t be able to test the DNA."

"Would you like someone to come and collect samples? Maybe something was left behind."

"This hotel won't let the police in."

"It's so annoying!"

“Could we actually test for DNA?” Chen Shi tentatively decided to take some blood samples from the gaps between the tiles. Lin Dongxue called and told Lin Qiupu about the situation. Lin Qiupu asked her to protect the scene. Lin Dongxue responded, “The crime scene is a presidential suite that costs over 40,000 a day. And someone is staying in it currently."

Lin Qiupu went silent and asked, "Is that person suspicious?"

"Doesn’t seem like it. He seems to have just moved in."

"Take pictures and collect evidence. Don't miss an inch! I’ll try to negotiate with the hotel."

Lin Dongxue began to take pictures with her mobile phone. From the shape of the blood stains, the bathroom had obviously been scrubbed repeatedly. At this time, the fat man knocked on the door outside. "Are you all done yet? I want to go to the bathroom!"

"Soon!" Lin Dongxue said in vexation, "This is too passive. We can’t even cordon off the crime scene."

"After all, there isn’t a body lying here. Only these cleaned up bloodstains are around." Chen Shi said.

After confirming that every bloodstain had been photographed, Chen Shi used the shower to rinse away the luminol on the floor before opening the door. After the fat man came in, he saw that the ground was wet and looked skeptically at the two of them. "What were you doing? Are you really investigating the case?"

"Go and use your toilet!" Chen Shi said.

While the fat man went to the toilet, the two hurriedly collected fingerprints around the room. A total of five groups were collected. The fat man came out and saw the suite covered with powder. He said, "Fuck, why didn’t you let me know in advance!"

Chen Shi sat on the arm of the sofa and said, "Let me discuss something with you. This place may be the crime scene..."

"Crime scene? It’s that exciting?!”

"Oh, I mean, the police can't officially come in to investigate at the moment. And you’re staying here right now. Can I trouble you to please protect the scene?"

"Um..." The fat man mumbled. "Someone died here?"

"Most likely."


"We're still looking into that."

"Why are the police so inefficient?" The fat man complained and then muttered, "Then I have to stay alone in a room where murder was committed tonight? This... It's a bit scary!"

Chen Shi suggested upon hearing his words. "Shall we swap rooms then?"

"Swap rooms? My presidential suite and your standard room?"


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