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In the early morning of July 17th, the policemen of the second and third teams were called together to hold an emergency meeting. This case was a bit unprecedented. Last night, a car smuggling guns for a triad gang was knocked over and two drivers had their throats slit. The guns in the car were missing.

The reason that these things were known so quickly was because the rampant criminal left a letter at the scene saying that these guns would be "mailed" to strangers who don’t know each other.

The gang was found to be a triad group in the city. that was already on the police’s blacklist. The first team was currently responsible for cracking them down and had already started acting. They were ready to round up the entire gang to find out how many guns were lost. They also wanted to investigate whether the incident last night was self-produced by their internal members.

Lin Qiupu said, "Everyone, the incident happened very suddenly. All the cases on hand need to be suspended so that we can try our best to find the missing guns. If these real guns fall into the hands of ordinary citizens, something dangerous could happen at any second. So, please do your very best!”

Although two teams were invested into this case at once, everyone still felt helpless. After all, it was the same as finding a needle in a haystack. The only thing that could be done right now was to start the investigation around the crime scene.

Judging from the paint and tire marks left on the scene, the murderer should have driven an off-road vehicle with a high chassis. The police checked the surveillance footage around the surrounding intersections and finally found the owner of the car in the afternoon. However, the owner claimed that his car was stolen a few days ago and had a clear alibi last night.

In the afternoon, the police received a police report saying that a gunshot was heard in a remote neighborhood in the city. Lin Qiupu immediately rushed to the scene. The area was filled with dense, illegal buildings. The owner of the property secretly added more buildings than what was registered and rented to the employees of nearby factories. They hung a taut clothesline between the buildings and clean white underwear as well as children's diapers fluttered against the wind. There was even a field surrounded by broken bricks behind the house. The rain last night washed over the garlic sprouts and vegetables making them look very lively.

Upon seeing the police coming, many residents hurried back into their houses. Lin Qiupu knew that most of the people there didn’t even have a temporary residence permit. He ordered people to question the residents separately. After a while, Old Zhang walked over and pointed to a building and said, "Some residents reported that the gunfire came from that way."

"Call everyone back. Let's go!"

Lin Qiupu found the landlord and asked about the situation of the residents living there. The landlord said, "It's a young

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