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Su Xiaowei was finally willing to talk. Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue were very pleased. Chen Shi took out his phone and opened the recording app. "Tell us what happened in detail."

"It’s like this... I got a call from Sister Ji early on the 15th. She invited me to a meal. I was naturally shocked and flattered. I arrived for the appointment before noon. Sister Ji said a lot of things about my current situation, causing me to be quite ashamed. Then, she said that she wanted to promote me and make me the rumored girlfriend of Luo Zuyu. Naturally, I was very happy when I heard about it, but I didn’t know why I was chosen. The company had countless actresses that were more excellent and more famous than me. Sister Ji explained that she mainly wanted to create a wave of interest for Luo Zuyu's new album. It would increase the exposure for me as a side-effect. On the evening of the 15th, I was called out again. Luo Zuyu and I were photographed in a parking lot!"

"Were those the photos that the paparazzi posted online?" Lin Dongxue interrupted and asked her.

"Correct!" Su Xiaowei nodded. "We only took a few photos before Luo Zuyu left. We didn't even talk. He didn't seem to be well-rested. He yawned the whole time. He took some rest in his car after taking the photos. Then Sister Ji gave me a piece of paper with the whole process of our supposed date. It detailed what we said, what we did, where we went, and what clothes we were supposed to be wearing. It mentioned the time period of our date as well. Sister Ji emphasized that this 'script' must be memorized completely without any errors, as if it really happened. I was also told to remember that the time of the date was on the evening of July 14th. No matter who asked, I had to say it that way.”

"Sister Ji said that as long as I completed this task with a flawless performance, I’d be able to star as the leading actress in the company’s new film. The words she said to me at the time left a deep impression on me. She said to me, 'Xiaowei, your resume and acting are all there. You’re just a step away from becoming famous. As long as you’re obedient, I guarantee that you will become a well-known third-tier star within three years. After that, you can continue working hard yourself. Becoming a first-tier star might be attainable too!'”

"After heading back, I worked hard to memorize the ‘script’. It was a blessing dropped from the heavens. But I was a bit suspicious. To suddenly be so good to me, did they have other intentions? Later, the police came to me and talked about an alibi. I realized at once that I was committing perjury. I was very scared and called Sister Ji, but she never answered... I naturally dared not disobey her, so I could only continue acting!”

Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue exchanged a surprised look with each other. Ji Xingyao's arrangement was very detailed.

Chen Shi asked, "Is the ‘script’ in your hands?"

"It is!"

"Can you give it to us later?"

"Yes! But

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