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After waking up the next morning, Chen Shi went to pick up Lin Dongxue. Instead of rushing to the bureau, they went to a Cantonese restaurant. Chen Shi ordered a bunch of shrimp dumplings, crystal buns, crispy egg tarts and sliced-fish congee.

Lin Dongxue asked, "How come we have the leisure time to eat this today?"

Chen Shi said, while pouring tea, "Guess!"

"Are you tired?"

Chen Shi smiled. "I'm really tired. To be precise, I can’t muster up any zeal. I wanted to put the murderer into the hands of the police. You all managed to find that evidence after a thorough investigation. I just didn't expect to encounter such an opponent."

Chen Shi shook his head, "It's hard to mess with the rich!"

"If you don’t want to investigate, let the task force do it. The identity of the deceased hasn’t been determined yet and the complete body hasn’t been found. The female cleaner is also missing. These investigations are laborious and inconsistent with your elegant style."

"Am I elegant?"

"In everyone's mind, you are the same as God, always pointing to truth when we’re confused."

Chen Shi smiled bitterly. "The light of epiphany is also based on systematic and comprehensive investigation. In fact, there are no genius detectives in the world. It’s just a difference in experience and way of thinking."

"We don't have a brain like yours."

Lin Dongxue pulled out her mobile phone to read Weibo. There was no news of Luo Zuyu being taken to the bureau yesterday. Everyone was still avidly discussing the gossip and news of other stars.

Through this incident, she discovered that the scandals exposed by the entertainment industry were really just the tip of the iceberg.

When breakfast arrived, Chen Shi ate with gusto. The food healed his exhaustion and he planned to continue his investigation that day. He must investigate until the water recedes and the rocks appear.

After eating, the two went to the bureau. The meeting room was completely full. Lin Dongxue thought that she was late. At that moment, Lin Qiupu came and said, "Drop Luo Zuyu’s case for now!"

"Wh- what?" Lin Dongxue suspected that she had heard it wrong. "Why aren’t we investigating it?"

"I’ll explain in the meeting."

"No, you have to make it clear now. Why shouldn’t we check it? Did the higher-ups exert pressure? Or is it the influence of public opinion?"

"What are you thinking about?" Lin Qiupu frowned. "If the police suddenly stop investigating a case, it’s because there’s an even bigger one that appeared! Last night, a triad weapon-carrying car was knocked over. There are a dozen guns missing. It’s very likely that they will be scattered around the city. There may be shootings at any time. The chief immediately ordered the establishment of a task force and all other cases will be shelved for now!"

Lin Dongxue was shocked and speechless. Did something like this have to happen right now?

Chen Shi said, "I'm not going to participat

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