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After watching the video, Chen Shi didn't immediately question him. Instead, he said with a smile, "Let's watch another video."

Luo Zuyu was slightly shocked. Did this police officer not have a brain? Why did they play videos that were unfavorable to themselves?

After watching all the surveillance videos, Chen Shi said, "The videos show that a man in a red T-shirt and a woman took the elevator and entered your room at about 8:00 that night. At 11:00, the man in a red T-shirt left alone and used the stairs. At the same time, a man in a black sweater entered the staircase from the first floor and went up to the 22nd floor before entering your room. At the same time, the man in the red T-shirt left via the first floor."

The lawyer said, "Police officer, I need to remind you of a detail..."

Chen Shi gestured to interrupt him. "I know. What you want to say is that in the photo taken by the paparazzi that night, Luo Zuyu was wearing a black sweater. So, you want to say that the man who entered the hotel at 11:00 was Luo Zuyu."

"You’re a reasonable officer." The lawyer said.

"But the surveillance footage is very blurry and we can't see the faces clearly. The aforementioned is just one possibility. There is also another possibility. The man in the red T-shirt who left the room at 11:00 was Luo Zuyu, and the man in black who entered from the first floor was another person. The two of them exchanged clothes on the staircase and Luo Zuyu returned to the room from the stairwell on the 22nd floor while the person who changed clothes with him left via the first floor. Is that possible?"

"This is coercing a confession!" The lawyer stood up agitatedly.

"Really? This is just a hypothesis! I just asked you if this was possible? Is there a possibility? Is there?"

The lawyer glanced at Luo Zuyu and said shamelessly, "That's totally impossible!"

"Are you trying to say that there is not even one in a 10,000 chance that it could have happened?"

"Yes, not one in 10,000."

Chen Shi applauded. "People who know no shame are invincible..."

"I warn you not to conduct personal attacks on me..."

"Sure! Go ahead!" Chen Shi said carelessly, "If you’d like to sue me, then just go ahead and sue... So, then we’ve decided that the first possibility might be the truth of the matter. I observed the stairwell. There was no room for concealment there. That is, Luo Zuyu must have passed the murderer when he walked upstairs that night. Is that true? Mr. Luo?"

Luo Zuyu raised his eyebrows, "Yes!"

"Then did you see his appearance clearly?"

"Sir, you don't have any common sense. I'm a celebrity! I went out for a date that night. I came back quietly and met a stranger in the stairwell. Of course I’d lower my head!"

"So, you didn’t see him?"

"I didn’t see him at all!"

"So, you weren’t in the hotel around 10:00, right?"

"You don’t say!"

"The surveillance footage shows that your manager entered your room at

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