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The security guards immediately relented and said, "No, no, we just went out for dinner, so we didn't see it. Usually... Usually, we always stay right in front of the surveillance monitors."

Chen Shi said, "Really? I want to go to the monitoring room to have a look."

"I'm afraid that won't work. The hotel has its rules."

"A greater rule than the law? The police are investigating a case and citizens have an obligation to assist."

The security guards looked at each other and then agreed. After returning the oil painting, Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue followed them to the monitoring room. The security guards said that they would clean it up and let them in after five minutes.

Chen Shi noticed that the equipment there was advanced and complete. Then he looked at the sofa. A piece of clothing hanging on it was used in an attempt to cover up their playing cards and a few beer bottles were hidden in the corner. Their purposeful hiding made things even more conspicuous. Chen Shi secretly sneered.

Chen Shi asked to see the surveillance of the 22nd floor on the evening of July 14th. The security guard helped him to set it up. At about 8:00PM, a boy in a red T-shirt and a girl came out of the elevator and entered the presidential suite.

Lin Dongxue said excitedly, "This is the victim!"

"We can’t confirm that yet... Can we copy this part of the surveillance footage?"

"I'm afraid that's not possible. The hotel regulations are very strict." The security guard said.

"Can we just watch it here then?"

"You can!"

Chen Shi dialed Sun Zhen’s phone while leaving his phone in his pocket to signal that he could start hacking. Then he continued to investigate the footage with Lin Dongxue. Chen Shi rewound the tape a little. The boy had left the presidential suite at about 6 o'clock. He left in a black hoodie and was wearing a beret cap.

Although the clothes were different, from the body and posture, it was obviously the same person.

The boy’s body was very clean. He didn’t have any tattoos or the like. They couldn’t see his face due to the monitor’s low resolution, but there was a glittering thing around his neck, which seemed to be a necklace. When he returned at eight, the necklace was also seen.

Lin Dongxue took out her mobile phone and did some searching. She found the photos of Luo Zuyu's recent activities on Weibo. He was also wearing a gold chain in those photos. She handed her phone over to Chen Shi. "Does he look similar to the person in the footage?"

This action showed that Lin Dongxue and Chen Shi’s suspicions were aligned. Chen Shi pressed her hand down and glanced at the dazed security guards behind him, saying, "Let’s discuss this when we get back. Let's continue watching the video."

They continued to watch and saw that when the two people entered the suite, a cleaning lady across the corridor had walked over while facing them. Lin Dongxue said excitedly, "There is a witness!"

It was very

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