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Ji Xingyao saw Luo Zuyu confessing to his crimes through the monitor outside and knew that they had lost their battle. She slumped down in a chair.

For four full hours, Luo Zuyu confessed to his crimes with a self-satisfied smile. Every time that he killed someone, he had no worries at all, because his brother, sister-in-law and agency would help him smooth everything over and help him escape the police’s investigations.

With this illusory sense of security, his ego had become extremely inflated. He was complacent and viewed human lives like grass.

"Even if these women were still alive, they would just get married; doing housework during the day and getting fucked at night. After a few years, they would become dry yellow-faced women. Their lives are meaningless like most people... It was I who chose them as sacrifices and let them turn into famous songs that will be passed down through the ages. It is just like turning pitch-black coal into sparkling diamonds. This sublimated their lives. Even if they have souls, they would thank me."

Luo Zuyu ended his confession with these dark values. He had said all the words that had accumulated in his heart for a long time in one breath and he seemed very tired.

After a moment of silence, Chen Shi said, "‘Sublimated their lives’. You actually dared to say that! Is it not you who relies on these songs that are popular all over the country to earn buckets of money and live a lavish life? What about those girls? Their families can only cry into their photos."

"Art is like fire. It will burn everything. Real artists won’t care about the life and death of others." Luo Zuyu grinned.

There was no cure for this man whose sickness has reached his vitals. Chen Shi was too lazy to refute him and just said, "I think that your future cellmates would be delighted to share a room with a big star!"

Luo Zuyu was instantly pulled back towards reality. He shouted hysterically, "No, I want to withdraw my confession! I want to withdraw!"

The lawyer, whose mind had been wandering for quite some time, suddenly sat up straight, as if grabbing onto a glimmer of hope. Lin Dongxue berated him, "The evidence is solid. Do you still want to deny it?"

Luo Zuyu panicked and muttered for a long time, "I... I’m sick. Yes, I have dual personalities. The one who killed people wasn’t me! It wasn’t me! I don't want to go to jail, not even for a day!"

"You’re trying to struggle even now? Is there a point?" Chen Shi asked coldly.

Luo Zuyu cried, "I'm a big star! You can't treat me like this. If I’m in prison, who knows how many people would be sad… I don’t live for myself, but for my hundreds of thousands of fans. You should think of them!”

The lawyer echoed, "Yes, this case involves extremely extensive public influence and can’t be dealt with hastily!"

Chen Shi sneered. "Don't think too much. When you kill and go to jail, in the eyes of others, it's just a big commotion. After watching it

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