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Hearing the gunshots, Lin Qiupu quickly jumped out of the car. The other police officers also got off as well, leaving the car left in the middle of the road.

The situation was critical and there was no time to change into their bulletproof gear. Lin Qiupu waved a hand to the officers who were preparing to rush forward and shouted, "You guys should come after changing into your bulletproof vests. The others will follow me!"

They followed the gunshots to a little bar. There were not many guests during the day. All of them were holding their heads and hiding behind the table at this moment. A strong-looking man lay on the ground with blood on his legs. He was holding his wound and moaned incessantly.

"Don’t move!"

Upon hearing someone shouting that, Lin Qiupu looked up. Behind the counter was a man wearing a t-shirt who was so skinny that he looked like his skin directly wrapped his bones. He was holding a pistol in his right hand. The muzzle was still smoking. He held a cup in his left and was using it to smash some crystal-like objects. It was quite obvious that those were drugs.

The incoming police officers unconsciously raised their guns and the skinny man said slowly, "You have guns. I have a gun too. Let’s see who is afraid of who!"

"Put the gun down. Otherwise, we will shoot." Lin Qiupu said.

"Humph!" The skinny man leaned his head against his gun. "Fire it! Do you dare?"

The man on the ground said, "Officer, I came here to drink. This madman suddenly shot me. It's got nothing to do with me."

"He’s a drug dealer. You should hurry to catch him." The skinny man said.

The man on the ground was still bleeding and the bullet seemed to have penetrated a large artery. If he wasn’t attended to as soon as possible, it could prove fatal. Lin Qiupu negotiated, "You take your drugs first. We won’t hinder you, but we have to take this person first. Didn’t you want us to catch him?"

The skinny man continued to cut his drugs with dribbles of saliva flowing in the corner of his mouth. He acted like he was deaf.

"Sir, can we take this drug dealer away first?" Lin Qiupu raised his voice. "Look, I’m putting my gun away. Can I come over?"

The man on the ground said, "I’m not a drug dealer. I really just happened to pass by."

Lin Qiupu gritted his teeth angrily. I’m trying to save you. Don't you know that?

He glanced at the officer next to him, making a phone call gesture. The officer noticed and went out to call an ambulance.

The skinny man was still pressing his temple against the gun, "Don't move! I’ll commit suicide if you move! I have a worthless life anyway! I don't care!"

Then, he divided the smashed drugs into thin strips with a card, picked up a straw, and began to suck it up. He lifted his head in bliss after one go as drool fell from the corner of his mouth. His whole body was trembling, and he rubbed his nose vigorously. He picked up the straw while still trembling and prepared to

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