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Chapter 714: Last-minute Goal[1]

Xu Guolong was wearing make-up, glasses, and a wig. He opened his hands as if to embrace Xin Bai. "Do you know how much I’ve missed you these past few days? I killed those people and forced the police to release you. It was all for you!"

Xin Bai backed away while trembling. He looked at the person hanging from the tree. The man had a noose around his neck and there were a few stones under his feet. The stones were picked up from nearby and all very irregular in shape. He could only use his feet to try and struggle for balance on those stones to avoid being hanged. Although this was very difficult, the desire to survive forced him to do so.

There was a piece of cloth stuffed in his mouth, which was soaked in saliva. His eyes were jet-black and his complexion was shallow. He was extremely haggard.

"You... you’re lying to me!" Xin Bai said.

"Yes!" Xu Guolong grinned. "The picture I showed you was something I photoshopped. I didn't take the female neighbor you have a crush on as a hostage, but this person..." Xu Guolong used his thumb to point behind him, "is meaningful to you in the same way."

Xin Bai kept shaking. His hands and feet became cold. The man on the tree seemed a tad familiar, but standing in front of Xu Guolong, he was full of tension and fear. He couldn't remember who that person was.

"You have to admit that we already have some kind of special connection. That’s why I can trick you out with a single message. In the eyes of outsiders, I’m a murderer and a demon. Even the water I’ve drunk before would poison people... Haha, these are words from your novel. However, you dare to come to see me late at night because you know that I won’t hurt you. Loving you is like loving myself. Everything I do is for you... To tell you the truth, I plan to escape, but I have to conduct one important matter before I escape. This person, Lan Xiao, is the nightmare of your life. I want you to kill him yourself!"

"Lan... Lan Xiao?" Xin Bai looked at that face. After over 20 years and being imprisoned by Xu Guolong for a while, he was barely recognizable.

It was indeed Lan Xiao, the little bully who insulted and bullied him in a multitude of ways when he was a child, causing him to feel like he was thrown in a pan of hot oil every day he went to school. It always made him hide in his bed and cry. Lan Xiao was his childhood nightmare.

It was also this person who caused a life’s truth to be inscribed in his bones - Others are hell. It’s caused him to always have a deep-rooted fear of strangers.

This surge of thoughts flooded Xin Bai's chest, making him almost unable to breathe.

"I’ve already prepared everything. You just need to kick the rocks under his feet, then leave this place and go back to the house to sleep before the police find out. As for me, I’ll escape from Long'an. This murder will also fall on my head. When I get arrested one day, I’ll also tell the police that I w

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