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Duan Lin's father also went in to have a look. When he saw the bright blue blood stain on the floor, he was shocked and asked, "Why is the color of this blood like this?"

Lin Dongxue explained to him that this was luminol reagent, and that it turns fluorescent blue when it reacts with blood stains. The uncle nodded in understanding.

Chen Shi walked over and said "Excuse me" to the uncle. The bathroom was very narrow, with large areas of bloody drag marks on the uneven tiles. The bathroom was very clean when he came in previously. It seemed that the blood stains had been cleaned up.

"Brother Chen, the tiles weren’t laid very professionally. Traces of blood can be extracted from the gaps." The forensic police officer said to him.

"This seems to be left behind from the dismemberment." Chen Shi knelt down and looked back to see that the uncle had already gone out. He whispered to Lin Dongxue, "Is there something wrong with Duan Lin's father?"

"Is there a problem? I didn't notice anything."

"Didn’t he ask you just now why the blood is this color? This large area of blue lookslikespilled toilet cleaner, so how did he know that it’s blood?"

Lin Dongxue raised her eyebrows suddenly when she noticed this suspicious point.

The forensic police expanded the scope of investigation. When they sprayed luminol on the walls, they accidentally discovered that there were some splattered blood stains on the wall, but their location was very low, under the shower head.

"Little Zhou, unscrew this and check it." Chen Shi pointed at the drain.

Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue went out for the time being, and Chen Shi asked the uncle, "Have you used the bathroom these past two days?"

"Of course I used it."

"Have you showered in it?"

"I... I'm not very used to this thing. I usually just boil a pot of water on the stove and wipe my body with a towel."

"You never used the water heater?"

"Yes, I never used it."

"When you arrived, was the water heater on or off?"

"On or off?" The uncle furrowed his brows and pondered.

"Was it lighted up?"

"It didn’t seem to have been lit up." The uncle took out a pack of cigarettes and handed Chen Shi one. Chen Shi thanked him but declined. The uncle said, "I'm going outside to smoke a cigarette."


Lin Dongxue opened a closet and sighed with emotion. This girl had very fashionable tastes when it came to buying clothes. She recognized several new spring season articles of clothing that had only been released that year.

"What is the monthly income of a female cotton mill worker?"

"I also saw a pile of cosmetics on the table. I’m not very familiar with the prices."

"Let me see."

Lin Dongxue went to the table, picked up the cosmetics and looked at each of them, saying, "They’re not very valuable, but they’re not cheap either... The last time I chatted with a young girl born after 2000, she said that she spends over 1,000 yuan on makeup a month. Sh

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