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The extra text was like a diary. Chen Shi hurried to find Lin Dongxue. After briefly explaining the situation, he turned on the computer in the living room to download the document.

The strange thing was that there was no such text in the computer version of the document. In the beginning, there was only a title and some basic settings. Chen Shi said, "I understand now. He wrote it in the blank space at the beginning of the document in the same color as the background."

Thus, Chen Shi selected all the text and changed the color to black. Sure enough, this mysterious text appeared in the blank space at the beginning of the document. It was also written in the smallest font, so that it could be written in the blank space of a mere few pages.

"Why did he write it within his own old manuscript, but not send out emails... Did he not have access to the Internet?" Lin Dongxue guessed.

"That person strictly monitors him and may also check his computer. However, this was one of his earliest manuscripts, which is a blind spot. That person is a reader. There is a high probability that he won’t read what he has already read. Xin Bai was probably betting on this probability."

"Why did you want to copy the old manuscripts back for viewing?"

"Um... I just wanted to revisit it." Chen Shi rubbed the tip of his nose.

Lin Dongxue didn't mind. She looked at the computer screen. "But who would see it written in the old manuscripts?"

"Didn't we see it? He expected that one day the police would intervene in the investigation and take away his computer. This text might appear under the police's line of sight."

The two continued to read further.

"He began to live in my house and interfere with me! My life has always been lazy. Sometimes, when inspiration hits, I can write tens of thousands of words. Sometimes, I can't motivate myself for days and I often play games all night. I always admired those hard-working writers because I’m a slacker of intermittent passion. That person sleeps in the living room and makes me feel like I can’t do anything. He forbids me to close the bedroom door and comes over to check if I’m writing from time to time. He has to read every chapter I write in advance, correct the typos for me, and point out the unreasonable places. It’s common for me to modify my manuscripts, but having a stranger come to my house, eat my food, use my stuff, and control me, it’s something I have a strong opinion about. Shouldn't I be a free and independent person?"

"On the third day, I brought it up to him and said it was weird. We’re not relatives, so why does he live in my house and control me? I felt a lot more brave when I said what I had held in my heart. He laughed, saying that strange men and women who aren’t related can get together when they like the other party and share each other’s property. What kind of logic was that? The relationship between people originally goes from nothing to something anyway. He saw m

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