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The corpse was so decomposed that it made people's scalps numb. They hurriedly closed the bathroom door and waited for Peng Sijue to come and deal with it.

Lin Dongxue patted her chest. "It feels like I’ve lost two years of my life."

"As have I!" Chen Shi raised his head. "Look!"

Following the direction of where his finger was pointing, they saw that the four corners of the house were equipped with cameras. The data lines were taped to the wall, leading outdoors. Chen Shi went to the balcony and took a look. These data lines were connected to a communication serial port with a phone on it, sending over signals.

"Oh no, could we have been seen?" Lin Dongxue said.

"It's too late even if we were." Lin Qiupu went out and said. "I will notify the Information Department to come over and see where the data is being transmitted to."

"No matter where it’s transmitted, it proves that someone is monitoring everything in this room remotely and that the 'master' exists." Chen Shi said.

"Not necessarily. Maybe the author did it." Lin Qiupu was still in denial.

Everyone checked the house carefully. There was a massage chair, a computer desk, and a bookshelf in the bedroom, but no bed.

Chen Shi turned on the computer and found that it was password-protected, so he turned off the computer and unloaded the PC. He was already very proficient in doing this.

He glanced at the kitchen again. The kitchen was very clean. It seemed like the people who lived here didn't have the habit of cooking. There was some instant frozen food stuffed in the refrigerator. Besides that, there were some medicine bottles without labels.

"Look at this!" Chen Shi said, "This is probably the banned drug Xin Bai took. Let's take it back for testing."

"What is this?" Lin Dongxue picked up a sticker-like thing.

Chen Shi sniffed it. "Maybe it's a nicotine patch."

There was a smell in the house. It wasn’t just the smell of the corpse coming from the bathroom, but the smell that came about when a place hadn’t been cleaned for a long time. The overall feeling was relatively messy. He felt that Xin Bai's style of living here made more sense.

Could he actually work here? Perhaps the host also lived here?

"Chen Shi, Chen Shi!" Lin Qiupu shouted from outside.

When the two went out, they found that Lin Qiupu had discovered something incredible. There was an overturned picture frame on the shelf. When they picked it up, they were shocked. In the photo was Xin Bai smiling as he held something bloody with a few red liquid stains on his face. The thing in his hands looked like a large slug. Chen Shi recognized it and said, "It's a human tongue!"

Lin Dongxue covered her mouth in disgust. "Is that from the corpse just now?"

"It shouldn’t be. The deceased's mouth and throat are intact. This is a whole tongue, which can only be taken out from the throat." The tongue in the photo was as big as the pig tongues sold in the market.


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