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Volume 46: What Kind Of Trash Are You?

At midnight, when it was dark and windy, a group of people sneakily walked out of the housing district with black bags, poking their heads out to glance around as if they were holding some mysterious parade.

"Asshole, it had been taken away!"

"Let’s throw it on the street!"

The people carrying the bags went to the street in scattered groups of twos and threes. Although they didn’t know each other, they smiled knowingly the moment their eyes met, as if they had bumped into a comrade while in an enemy-occupied area.

Someone in the crowd shouted, "Hey, there is a trash can over there!"

"Go! Go!"

"What motherfucking garbage sorting!"

"Yes, damn that motherfucking garbage sorting, hahahaha!"

Everyone rushed merrily to the lonely trash can on the corner of the street. When the trash can was still a few steps away, the few people in front threw the bags in their hands like shot putters. Some fell right inside, and some fell outside the trash can.

These people didn’t care about this at all. Throwing the rubbish into the trash can was already a great civic act for them.

Not long ago, Long'an was designated as one of the pilot cities for garbage sorting. Many people couldn’t adapt to it. They didn’t understand what to do with wet garbage and dry garbage. A milk box had to be broken down into several parts before being thrown away, which was extremely troublesome.

"Don't the plastic bags used to separate all kinds of garbage pollute the environment even more?"

"China has its own national circumstances, and these things that came from Japan are simply not suitable for us."

"Originally, we had our own ecosystem, and the scavengers sorted the garbage themselves. This has messed up the whole process and wastes manpower and material resources. It’s probably just a transient experiment though."

Like several other pilot cities, there were protests everywhere in Long'an. Of course, they also complained in private.

Hence, a group of people would sneak out of the housing district in the dead of night to dispose of the garbage that had accumulated during the day.

Suddenly, a white beam of light shot out from behind the trash can. The midnight rubbish-trashers reflexively blocked the glare with their hands. At the other end of the glare, someone shouted, "Stop right there! Police!"

"Fuck, it’s the police! Run!"

Everyone dropped the garbage bags in their hands and ran away. The police officers and the garbage supervisors from the neighborhood committee who had hidden in ambush for a long time chased after them, but only caught one or two people. The people who were caught resigned themselves to their bad luck and paid the fines.

Soon, the tranquility of the night was restored. People from the neighborhood committee looked at the ground full of garbage bags and shook their heads, sighing, "Even after repeated prohibitions, this group always litters in

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