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Chapter 720: PUA[1]

Chen Shi said, "Old Peng, you’re too capable. Let me investigate the identity of the deceased!"

"Go ahead!" Peng Sijue didn't care who went to investigate, and then said to Lin Dongxue, "Dongxue, can you talk to Captain Lin about it?"

"No problem."

Chen Shi said, "By the way, can these photos be printed separately?"

"Do it yourself!" As he said this, Peng Sijue left.

Lin Dongxue glanced at the document and asked, "Shall we investigate it now?"

"No, I have a faster way."

Chen Shi separated the photos, and by the time the interrogation was over, Zhang Xiao really didn’t disclose anything. Chen Shi borrowed the interrogation room from the interrogator. Holding a stack of household registration photos in his hands, he asked, "Do you know this person?"

Zhang Xiao squinted for a while and shook his head.

Chen Shi showed him the next picture. "Do you know this person?"

"What is this for, Officer? Are these women missing or killed? I don't even know them!"

"Continue to act..." Chen Shi changed to another photo. "Do you know this person?"

Zhang Xiao's expression changed inadvertently, but he continued to shake his head. "I have never seen her before."

After asking about all of them, Chen Shi was sure it was the third one, and went out to say a few words to Lin Dongxue. Lin Dongxue said, "Surely, this isn’t a good idea!"

"This kid is too cunning. We have to take a strong approach."

"Then I’ll go and ask Captain Peng for the photos."

When Lin Dongxue came back a moment later, the two entered the interrogation room again. Chen Shi leaned against the table and said, "Zhang Xiao, let me show you something good." Then he handed out a photo of the body to him.

"Oh my God!" Zhang Xiao was frightened.

"You should know this corpse, or at least, you know part of it. She’s the person you just identified." Chen Shi held up the photo.

Zhang Xiao mumbled, knowing that there was no way out and relented at last. "Police officer, we didn't kill her!"

"We?" Lin Dongxue raised her eyebrows slightly.

Zhang Xiao sighed and confessed about the situation. The girl was called Linlin and she was the new girlfriend of a certain friend of his. Some time ago, she was killed by someone unknown. The murderer cruelly chopped her into nine pieces and sent them to him and some of his other friends separately.

This story was full of loopholes, and Chen Shi said, "You’re still not being honest? This girl is dead. She was dismembered and the parts sent to all of you. Why didn't any of you call the police instead of putting them into trash bags and disposing of them in the middle of the night? Were you all helping the murderer to destroy the body? I could even suspect that one of you is the murderer!"

"No, no, Linlin actually committed suicide." Zhang Xiao told them the truth in a panic.

"Suicide? Why?"

"I don't know why the girl committed suicide. Women easily take th

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