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Lin Qiupu assured the man that the police would find a way to find his father before the man was no longer in distress. Then, Lin Qiupu sent someone to investigate near the Xiehe Hospital.

The sky was getting darker when a phone call arrived at Lin Qiupu's mobile phone. Xu Guolong said in a gloomy voice, "You haven't released him yet, so you’ve successfully killed another innocent citizen."

"Help..." An old man's voice sounded over the phone.

Lin Qiupu suddenly understood that the hostage Xu Guolong was holding was the old man who had disappeared at the entrance of the hospital. He said, "We’ve already let him go. Don't break your promise. Can you get past your conscience when you attack an old man? Don't you have a father!?"

"No, you didn't let him go!"

After speaking, Xu Guolong hung up the phone. Lin Qiupu was never contacted by that number again.

Lin Qiupu looked at the time and found that it was exactly 12:00AM. Everyone had unknowingly investigated for a whole night. He felt extremely frustrated. He returned to the bureau and asked them if they had released Xin Bai yet.

A policeman reluctantly said, "Captain Lin, the writer is unwilling to leave, saying that he’s afraid. Although he has gone through the release procedures, he’s been squatting at the door being unreasonable. We can't drive him away."

"Why didn't you notify me?!" Lin Qiupu roared.

"Ten phone calls… You never answered..."

Lin Qiupu glanced at his mobile phone. Sure enough, there were over a dozen missed calls, because he hadn't heard them while on the road at all. He was so frustrated that he violently kicked a street light.

He made a call. "Dongxue, Xin Bai is unwilling to be released. You and Chen Shi should go back and deal with it."

Chen Shi said, "The old man can't be saved no matter what, but you don't have to blame yourself. The purpose of the murderer is to throw the blame to the police. However, he’s the one who committed murder. No one is responsible for the behavior of this lunatic."

Lin Dongxue said, "It's been a busy day, brother. You should go back and rest!"

Lin Qiupu wanted to say something but stopped. He was full of anger now. He just wanted to find Xu Guolong and destroy him with one shot.

He had never been so irritated from a criminal since he became a police officer.

"Go now. Coax the writer away so that we don't have a third victim." He waved his hand weakly.

It was already 2:00AM by the time Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue got back to the Public Security Bureau. They saw Xin Bai squatting in the hall, holding the legs of the bench like a spoiled child with leftover food and mineral water on the bench.

A police officer said, "Thank God you came back. This guy didn't want to go anyway no matter what we said. We bought him a boxed lunch and water. He’s been squatting here for six hours. He’s too stubborn."

Xin Bai was already drowsy and was awakened by the sound of the words. "I won't go

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