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The next day, the special investigation team went to investigate the nine men. Lin Dongxue and Chen Shi were "assigned" to investigate a man named “Little Four”.

When they called him, Little Four said lazily that he was in a certain bathing center, and that if they were looking for him, they had to go there in person. Lin Dongxue was very upset by this. After Chen Shi hung up the phone, she said, "His attitude is so arrogant. It’s best for him if we don’t find evidence of his crimes."

When they got to the bathing center, Lin Dongxue unexpectedly discovered that the other groups of policemen had also arrived. After asking each other "Why are you here?", they realized that all the nine men were taking a bath there that day.

These nine people lived in different parts of the city, yet they were all gathered together that day. Lin Dongxue said, “They suddenly got together. I'm afraid they’re discussing countermeasures and colluding their testimonies.”

"I hope they really are colluding. That proves that they are indeed problematic."

"It’s best if we find evidence and arrest this whole group of disgusting, bad PUAs."

Soon after, a man walked out. They couldn’t say he wasn’t handsome, but he belonged to the “pretty boy” category that wasn’t Lin Dongxue’s type. He scanned the police waiting in the lobby and said, “Yo, there are so many policemen. No wonder guests don’t dare to come in."

"What is your name?" Chen Shi asked.

"Liu Qiang. My English name is Tony. Of course, you can also call me ‘Little Four’."

"I was the one who called you. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time."

Little Four saw Lin Dongxue, whistled and smiled, "If I knew that Miss Police Flower was waiting here for me, I wouldn't have taken a bath!"

Lin Dongxue frowned in disgust. "Let's talk elsewhere!"

"Wait a minute. I have to pay the bill first."

The three of them went outside. There was no café or tea house nearby, so they stood on the sidewalk and talked. Little Four looked at the passing cars. "If you have something to ask, then please hurry up. The street is dusty and I just had a bath!"

Chen Shi retrieved a photo from his phone. "Do you know her?"

"No. Who would know this kind of ugly girl?"

"Be honest with me! Zhang Xiao has already confessed. At the end of March, all nine of you each received a part of the girl's body. Then you discarded the body parts on Heping East Street together on the evening of April 1st. Do you know how much social panic it caused? A neighborhood committee aunt was so frightened that her blood pressure shot up."

Little Four raised an eyebrow and remained silent.

"What do the nine of you do?"

"We’re an interest group."

"What interest group?"

"Mushroom cultivation interest group." Little Four actually laughed when he said this. The skill of this lying was too low.

"Mushroom cultivation?" Chen Shi sneered. "Can you tell me the names of four kinds of commercially cult

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