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"Fu... fu... fu..."

Xin Bai leaned on his knees and kept panting. Cold sweat was expelling from every pore of his body. Chen Shi stepped forward to inspect Xu Guolong's body. "He's dead, Dongxue. Your shot was a bit cruel!"

"I couldn't aim at his hand, so I could only shoot at the chest." Lin Dongxue said.

"But it’s good that Xin Bai is okay. I suppose it's finally over." Chen Shi breathed a sigh of relief.

The two found out that Xin Bai was missing shortly after he had quietly left. In addition, the two police officers outside were looking for him like crazy. Xin Bai had called for a taxi at the gate of the housing community. Chen Shi, who discovered this from surveillance footage, immediately contacted the taxi company and found the park after following the leads.

It could be described as a critical matter.

"Teacher Bai, what were you doing deliberately increasing the thrill of this story?" Chen Shi complained.

Xin Bai looked ashamed. "He... he sent a fake photo saying that he kidnapped my neighbor and asked me to come alone, so I just..."

"Wouldn't you knock on her door to confirm?"

"I was afraid of waking you guys up. When I went out, I heard my neighbor's child crying. I thought she really had been kidnapped."

"Haii, there were 10,000 ways you could have avoided this situation. You chose the most thrilling one!" Chen Shi sighed. He suddenly noticed a stab wound on Xu Guolong's abdomen. He was holding a knife in his hand. It seemed to have come from Xin Bai’s house.

He thought to himself whether it was possible that this guy came secretly to kill Xu Guolong?

"By the way, hurry up and save people. Lan... Lan Xiao is still in the woods. I dare not see him." Xin Bai said.

As soon as Lan Xiao was put down, he ran behind the tree and let out his urine for three full minutes. Then, he walked back while pulling up his pants and cursed, "Bastard, bullying me? Where’s Xin Bai and that psycho? Let’s see if I won't stab them both to death!"

"Enough from you!" Lin Dongxue showed him her badge. "Wait for the police to deal with it!"

Lan Xiao sat under the tree in anger and asked, "Do you have any cigarettes?"

Lin Qiupu and the others rushed to deal with the scene. Lan Xiao and Xin Bai were both taken back to the bureau to record their testimonies. Although the versions of what they recounted were slightly different, they were generally the same. The knife Xin Bai stabbed was considered a legitimate defense to save Lan Xiao, because at that time, Lan Xiao would have been in life-threatening danger at any time.

At 4:00 in the morning, Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue waited for him at the door of the Public Security Bureau. Xin Bai walked out and sighed emotionally. "It unexpectedly ended like this. Thank you for your care over these past few days."

"You’re welcome. There’s no cars at night. Let me take you home!"

"Why don't we have breakfast and take a shower? I'm all sweaty..." Looking

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