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At the case discussion meeting the next morning, Lin Qiupu said, "An incident happened last night. By now, everyone must already know about it. I won’t punish the police officers that were on duty. After all, it happened so suddenly and nobody would have expected it. But from now on, please be vigilant. The criminal we’re facing this time can be described as vicious and inhumane."

After a round of whispering below, Lin Qiupu summarized the suspect's known information. A male about 35 years old engaged in manual labor and probably lived near the work studio rented by Xin Bai.

The most important clue was the video taken by Tao Yueyue. Although the suspect who ran out of the Public Security Bureau was wearing a hat at the time, they could still make out certain distinctive features, which increased the probability of arrest.

The face that came out through the slideshow prepared perfectly matched Chen Shi's expectations. He had an ordinary face, was clean, had no beard, wore glasses, and looked very cowardly.

In addition, the corpse found in the work studio yesterday was called Xi Xiaohu. This person was also an Internet writer. He had misdemeanors where he used to pretend to be an editor to scam for manuscripts. He also argued with readers on Weibo.

According to Xin Bai’s editor, Xin Bai was scammed of some of his manuscripts by this person in the past. Xi Xiaohu changed it into his name and published it. In a cocky manner, he had said, "You can sue me if you can." Considering that a lawsuit was needed for a few thousand yuan, it wasn’t worth it. Xin Bai could only complain to the website. Later, the book Xi Xiaohu published was blocked. He actually bought a bunch of paid posters to leave negative comments to tarnish Xin Bai’s reputation.

Xi Xiaohu disappeared a month ago. The autopsy found that he had only had rice, pickles, and other food residues in his stomach, and there were many old wounds on his body. The catecholamine concentration in the heart muscle was higher than average. It was speculated that he had been imprisoned and abused before being killed. This could be confirmed in Xin Bai's "Murder Diary".

The "Murder Diary" mentioned five other homicides, all of which occurred in this work studio. It was currently impossible to determine the identity of all the deceased.

The police discovered that the missing Lan Xiao’s ID card had been used many times in the city and was even used to issue a new sim card. The time he went missing was two months ago. It was speculated that he should be still alive now. The suspect wanted to let Xin Bai kill him personally at a specific time.

"The main task today is to find this person and arrest him!" Lin Qiupu announced.

"Wait everyone, don't rush away." Chen Shi took out a bag and the police smelled a fragrant smell. The bag read God's Fried Chicken. "Perhaps Xin Bai can provide some more clues. Captain Lin, please arrange for an interrogation."

Xin Bai was take

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