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In the dead of night, Chen Shi parked his car near Heping East Street where the dismembered parts had been found. Lin Dongxue and Tao Yueyue were there with him that night to perform an "experiment."

Peng Sijue could roughly identify the bags that had contained the dismembered parts through DNA. However, this wasn’t very helpful, because the garbage bags brought back from the scene were all common, black, degradable plastic bags, which were previously very common. As garbage sorting had been implemented in Long'an, supermarkets are now selling transparent plastic bags.

The three sat quietly in the car. Chen Shi fished out his mobile phone to read Xin Bai's newly updated novel. Tao Yueyue was eating potato chips, and the sound of the chips crunching echoed in the car. Lin Dongxue stared at the night scene in a daze.

"I recently read a novel. Is it true that a corpse can be completely broken down by chemical means?" Tao Yueyue said.

"Haha, was itThe Deer and the Cauldron? Corpse melting water is fictitious!" Lin Dongxue responded happily since she had found a common conversational topic.

"No, it'sThe Picture of Dorian Gray."

"Dor..." Lin Dongxue hadn't even heard of the title of this novel. She smiled awkwardly. "Elder Sister hasn't read it before."

"Decomposing the corpse by chemical means is a problem in itself!" Chen Shi said, "According to the law of conservation of mass, when a substance reacts with another substance, a third substance will be produced. For example, if a strong acid is used to corrode the corpse, there’s bound to be a lot of foul gas generated. If you do this at home, your neighbors will call the police. You can only go to the countryside to do this. However, it’s better to burn the corpse directly if you have such a space. Burning is the most convenient and effective chemical method. This way, you won’t be tracked down by the police because you bought a large quantity of corrosive acid."

"Can't we talk about cartoons or something?" Lin Dongxue complained.

"Thinking about this in another way, as long as the corpse is turned into another substance, it's okay." Tao Yueyue said excitedly.

"Haha, this trick is feasible."

"Well, what if the body is burned to ashes and then made into diamonds?"

"You can send a private message to Xin Bai and tell him about this idea." Chen Shi smiled.

"Why didn't the people who abandoned the corpse this time burn it?" Tao Yueyue asked.

"Yes, why?" Chen Shi looked at Lin Dongxue.

"Are you asking the question like a university professor or a primary schooler?" Lin Dongxue asked.

"I’m thinking... Yueyue’s statement made sense. It must be in the criminal interest of the one who abandoned the corpse to dispose of the corpse in this manner. The dismembered parts were thrown into garbage bags. The police would definitely investigate if they were to come across them, and it’s a major case as well. Why didn't they go to the countryside to burn

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