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Chen Shi went up to see that the person standing downstairs was the female neighbor from earlier. He asked, "Are you interested in her?"

"No... no... don't talk nonsense!" Xin Bai was suddenly as shy as a middle school student, and his thoughts were written all over his face.

The female neighbor downstairs said, "Come to mommy." Then, a little toddler walked into her arms and she kissed the toddler. Lin Dongxue said in surprise, "She already has children."

"Even if you have children, you don't necessarily have to be married..." Xin Bai said with a blushing face. "She’s a single mother. It’s said that she was cheated by a scumbag before. She was pregnant and couldn't bear to have an abortion. She gave birth alone. Up till now, she still doesn’t have a residence permit in Long'an. It’s very hard for a person to work alone in a fast food restaurant while raising a child." He showed a sympathetic expression while he explained this.

"Are you two close?" Chen Shi asked.

"We only... only greet each other every day!"

"Look at you. You’re still single in your thirties and live like a giant baby. The person you obviously like is right in front of you, but you don’t dare to take action." Chen Shi commented.

"What... take action? You make it sound so ugly. Everything will go according to fate!"

"’Everything will go according to fate’ is a phrase of self-deception. The person you like appeared in front of you. If you don't take the initiative, the other person will never know that you like them. Waiting is unreliable. It will only delay time and you’ll miss the opportunity. There are so many people in this world. Encountering true love is inherently a low-probability event. This is already what you call fate. If you don't take the initiative, in the end, destiny won’t take care of you again."

Hearing this, Xin Bai blushed and fell into silence. Lin Dongxue said, "As a woman, I will add my two cents. In fact, it’s also possible to chase after girls using pick-up gimmicks. There are 'tips' that you can find on the Internet. But if you really pursue her, you will find that it is easier than you think. They will unconsciously be accepting of these gimmicks."

"Isn't that too hypocritical?" Xin Bai used sophistry to cover up his cowardice.

"Pick-up gimmicks don’t mean hypocrisy. You can understand it as a social etiquette between the sexes. For example, if you buy two movie tickets and say you accidentally bought an extra and want to invite her to watch a movie, or tell her you bought too much dim sum and can’t eat it all. After that, they’ll know your intentions. If she’s interested in you, she will agree. If not, they will decline. In this way, neither side will lose face. Ximen Qing even used a ten-step plan to seduce Pan Jinlian!"

"What are those examples?!" Chen Shi commented.

Lin Dongxue laughed out loud. "I’m not very educated and haven't read any romance novels."

Xin Bai didn't speak, as if he was th

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