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Each of the four men dressed increasingly showy, with colorful clothes and hair, various ornaments, tattoos, and jewelry on their bodies. Their chests and belly buttons were also exposed.

Lin Dongxue sneered at this because one of the men who exposed their belly had no abdominal muscles at all. She didn't know where his confidence came from.

When Xu Xiaodong's partner saw them leaning against the wall standing still, he yelled, "Show’s starting. Stand up and follow me."

They were taken away to record their statements and Lin Dongxue asked, "What’s with these people?"

"They’re people from Lan Xiao’s Company."

"What? People like that are actually office workers?" Chen Shi was also surprised.

Xu Xiaodong answered, "I didn't believe it either but they’re actually from a logistics company. Do they dress like this to deliver couriers? I went to Lan Xiao's house and then went to a bar he frequented. I didn't expect these four people to be looking for him too. When they heard me inquiring about Lan Xiao, they immediately surrounded Little Zhang and I. Their attitudes were arrogant. I wondered if they would run away if I showed them my ID, so I subdued them first. Hehe, that fight was really fun... According to them, Lan Xiao is the vice president of their company. It’s been over two months since he disappeared and the company is looking for him."

"Did they call the police?"

"It doesn't seem like they have."

"I think there’s most likely a problem with this logistics company. Otherwise, why wouldn't they call the police if someone went missing?"

"Yeah, all the employees look like hooligans. You can tell that they aren’t a serious company with one glance." Lin Dongxue echoed the sentiment.

"I think so too. Let’s interrogate them and see." Xu Xiaodong said.

"Xiaodong, hurry and put on some iodophor!" Lin Dongxue said with concern.

Xu Xiaodong touched the wound on the corner of his mouth and took a breath, but insisted that he was fine.

When these people had their statements recorded, they all claimed that they were part of a serious company and that it was purely a personal preference to dress like this. As for why they didn’t call the police when Vice President Lan went missing, they evaded the question and made vague statements.

From them, they learned that after graduating from high school, Lan Xiao worked in a loan shark company for a while, traveling here and there, then later settled in Long'an and joined the company.

This company was put on the police’s suspect list, and they intended to investigate them after the case was over.

One whole day had passed, and several clues were being followed up on. Chen Shi suggested, "Let’s get off work early today. The oysters yesterday were delicious. I bought some more online. They may be delivered in the evening. Do you want to come to my house to eat them?"

"Sure, this lady shall reluctantly agree." Lin Dongxue smiled.

"Wait a minute."

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