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"Brothers, the police are already on to us. Quickly delete all the photos, videos, chat records, and everything else that can be deleted. I have deleted all the ones in the group sharing area. You guys should delete all the ones on your mobile phones. Don't leave any evidence behind!"

In a certain chat group, a newly-sent message caused a commotion between the group members.

"Brother Xiao, is that necessary? Which law stipulates that picking up girls is illegal?!"

"Little Doggie, you fucking said that you had a car accident in the United States and asked someone to send you forty thousand yuan. Isn't that illegal?"

"How can a consensual transaction be considered illegal? Besides, I can’t even remember which girl it was. Can the police still find it out?"

"I don't know if it's illegal to send money for a car accident, but I know that if the police knew about Big Ox spiking a drink with drugs and then bringing the girl back home, it would be enough."

"Big Ox, come out and say a few words!"

"Hehe, it’s just a debated style. You guys use words and I use drugs. The effect is the same."

"Using goddamn motherfucking language? I rely on my looks. My looks!"

"Let’s not talk about it anymore! I just came out of the Public Security Bureau and they’ve already found out about Linlin's situation. I didn't expect the police to be so efficient. I don't know whose girl Linlin was. No matter who it is, the evidence must be deleted. Don't let the police catch any slips of ours, no matter how minor... The police might call us in individually for questioning. If they ask what we do, we should say... Mm, it's an interest group. I'll change the group name."

"Oh wow, mushroom cultivation skills exchange group. How creative!"

"Haha, what the hell are mushroom cultivation skills? Brother Xiao, you really can think of anything."

"Brother Xiao, are there any police flowers[1] in the Public Security Bureau?"

"Yes, the one who found me definitely scores 95 points in terms of figure and face."

"Do you have a photo?"

"It's a pity that she has a boyfriend. A failure of an uncle. Haii, the good cabbage was eaten by the pig."

"I can't wait to be called for questioning. Does the police flower wear a police uniform? I can’t resist uniforms."

"Quiet down, you beasts. I’m deleting the chat logs. From now on, don't say the word 'girl' in this group."

"Girl, girl, girl, girl, girl... Aiya, the cat accidentally stepped on the keyboard."

*Little Four has been removed from the group chat*

Coming out of Peng Sijue’s lab, Lin Dongxue posted this clue in the WeChat group, and each person went to investigate one of the group members. The two of them got ready to see the father of the deceased first.

After getting into the car, Chen Shi glanced at his phone and asked, "How’s your driving skills now?"

"What kind of car?" Lin Dongxue asked with a smile.

"Naughty. You should drive."

Lin Dongxue shifte

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