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Everyone rushed to the scene and saw an old man lying in the sludge under the bridge. His upper body was stripped of clothes. His chest and back were covered with something like a medicinal plaster. Peng Sijue stepped forward to check and found that the old man’s lips were dry and his eyes were bulging. The skin on the neck was red.

Removing a piece of plaster from the corpse, Peng Sijue immediately found that they were warming stickers[1] available in convenience stores.

"These are warming stickers on the deceased. I think the cause of death should be heatstroke. The body surface temperature exceeded the body's ability to remove heat, causing serious dehydration of the cells, failure of various organs, and finally, heart and lung failure." Peng Sijue concluded.

This method of death was undoubtedly another long and torturous murder. The old man’s mouth had been blocked with something. In order to make the warming stickers have its heat completely utilized, the murderer tied the old man’s hands and feet together and stretched him out so that he couldn’t bend over. Late at night, nobody noticed the abnormalities under the bridge at all even though there were cars coming and going on the bridge. Everyone shuddered at the thought of the situation at the time.

Chen Shi said, "This is another method of murder mentioned in the novel. It’s terrible when you think about it properly. These readers of this curious story can actually kill people using the methods written."

Looking at the old man's body, Lin Qiupu felt a deep sense of powerlessness. He murmured to himself, "There can’t be any more deaths!"

Aside from the forensic police investigating the scene, Lin Qiupu asked the other people not to stay on the scene anymore and immediately went around to look for Xu Guolong's whereabouts.

"Wait..." Chen Shi said, "Where’s the deceased's clothes?"

After he said that, everyone discovered that the old man's clothes weren’t there. Lin Dongxue said, "You mean he put the clothes on?"

"It’s possible. The cases yesterday and today were in this area, within a radius of tens of kilometers. There’s security cameras everywhere. The police are now searching for him everywhere. If he walks out on the street casually, he’d be easily spotted."

Lin Qiupu observed the corpse and took out the photos of the deceased before his death. He said, "This old man originally had a beard, but now he’s been shaved. It may be used by the suspect as a disguise. Please pay attention to find someone who’s wearing brown clothes and an old man’s beard."

"Is this another part of the novel?" Lin Dongxue asked Chen Shi.

"No. I think he’s playing hide-and-seek with the police right now and is using his own creativity. Although he doesn’t have much education, human potential is endless during this time."

Chen Shi suddenly thought of Song Lang's hard years of "hide and seek" with the police when he was a wanted person in the city. In order to av

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