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Chen Shi thought it was really funny. After the experiment was over, the results were three words - check surveillance footage.

He went to the traffic control office the next day with Lin Dongxue and obtained the surveillance footage around Heping East Street. They really found a taxi stopping there that night, and a person had gotten out with a black bag in their hands.

They found the driver through the taxi company. The driver described the passenger that night as a garishly-dressed fat boy with permed hair. He had been carrying a bag of garbage in his hand. He told the driver that they were bottles he had drunk at work. He had nowhere to throw them so he was taking them home for disposal.

The fat guy had gotten into the taxi on Liyang Road sothe two went there and asked around in the nearby housing districtson the afternoon of April 3rd.

The two made inquiries separately and searched for over an hour. Lin Dongxue bought a bottle of mineral water. While she was sitting on a bench in the community resting, a chubby guy approached her with a smile on his face, and said politely, "Beauty, I’m sorry, is there a 4S shop nearby? I accidentally scratched the car when I was driving, and I have to meet a friend in the evening. It’s very troublesome.” He pointed to a red Chang’an car parked outside the housing district. "That's my car."

"That’s your car?" Lin Dongxue was surprised.

"Yeah, I'm not very used to driving domestically-made cars. I used to drive German cars in Los Angeles. The stability is better. The only drawback is that they aren’t cost-effective. Haha... Hey, are you here alone? Are you waiting for someone?" The fat guy started weaving in questions.

Lin Dongxue saw through his routine. This was just a way to strike up a conversation, and his skill was very low-level. The car he just pointed to was Chen Shi’s, so it could be seen that he had also made up everything else.

Looking at his greasy smiling face, a little contempt rose in her heart. Lin Dongxue calmly said, "That car belongs to my boyfriend." Her one sentence cleverly rebuffed him.

"Oh, oh! I was just kidding. Don't mind me. I won't bother you then." He retreated tactfully.

When he turned to leave, Lin Dongxue suddenly noticed that his clothes and hairstyle were similar to what the driver had described, and abruptly stopped him. "Hey, stop right there!"


Lin Dongxue stepped forward and showed him her badge. The fat guy's smile faded immediately. Lin Dongxue asked, "Did you go to Heping East Street on the night of April 1st?"

The fat guy panicked, "Uh, I don’t understand what you’re talking about. I’ve never been there. I was watchingA Better Tomorrowat home that night. That day was the anniversary of Elder Brother’s[1] death. I rewatch his works at this time every year."

"Elder Brother?"

"Leslie Cheung. Beauty, do you like Leslie Cheung?" He said, raising his eyebrows.

Lin Dongxue almost wanted to swear at hi

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