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Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue quickly caught up with Chunli who was trying to escape. She was terribly frightened and stammered, "I suddenly had something come up and I need to go to my classmate's house."

Chen Shi said, "I think you should come back with us."

After a few weak attempts at resistance, Chunli was finally taken to the bureau in a dejected state. However, she refused to say anything while sitting in the interrogation room and remained silent.

"Did this young lady really murder Ma Xiang?" After calming down and re-examining previous deductions, Lin Dongxue had some doubts.

While Chen Shi was thinking, Lin Dongxue received a text message from Xu Xiaodong. She told Chen Shi, "There weren’t any suspicious people found in the surveillance video from Ma Xiang’s residence, but 22 had been there before Ma Xiang’s murder... Also, the hospital receipt found in Ma Xiang’s residence was for a kind of medicine that treats lung cancer.”

"Ma Xiang had lung cancer?"

"Captain Peng's autopsy report didn't mention it, so maybe he didn't discover it."

"According to his usual practice, if the deceased suffered from a certain disease, he would definitely mention it. It’s impossible that there weren’t any findings when lung cancer is so obvious.”

"Maybe it's just early-stage cancer. Or he wasn’t the one taking the medicine."

Chen Shi thought of something. "I have to go somewhere."

"I’ll go with you."

"No, I'll be back soon. You wait for 22 and the others here!"

With that said, Chen Shi drove away. Lin Dongxue knew that he must be verifying an idea.

As dusk set in, Ai Ying, 11, 22 and the others arrived together. 22 said apologetically, "Sorry, I’ve made all of you wait so long. I had something to deal with at my company."

Ai Ying said sympathetically, "Sister 22 is a very busy person. We understand."

22 said, "Everyone hasn't eaten yet, right? I'll treat you all to dinner."

The crowd cheered. Lin Dongxue called 22 aside and asked, "I have something to ask you. When we went to Ma Xiang's house to investigate, we found that you had been there before. Did you need to meet him for some matter?"

"I visit him regularly." 22 replied calmly. "Although we’re divorced, we’re still friends. Ma Xiang has several investments in which I have partial ownership of. I collect interest regularly."

"We watched the housing district’s surveillance footage. You visit your ex-husband a bit too frequently."

"Officer Lin, do you have to suspect this too? Due to the matter with Chang Juan a while ago, I went over to tell him not to play with fire anymore. Who knew it would end up like this..." 22 sighed.

Ai Ying and 11 had already booked seats in the restaurant and they came out to urge them to come in. Lin Dongxue didn't want to eat with them, so she found an excuse to leave. When she was leaving, she heard 22 coughing violently. She was holding on to the edge of the table and coughing so much that she co

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