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"...When the corpse was cut open, the stench of pig sewage permeated out. This woman smelled fragrant when she was alive, and she was as clean as a crystal handicraft that had just been wiped with silk. It's hard to believe that her insides were so dirty and pungent. Human beings are really strange creatures. Killing a person and then dismembering her created an astonishing pleasure of possession, as if she had become something of mine, allowing me to control her how I liked. The bathroom was full of pleasure and even the smell was fragrant. Looking at the red meat, I thought about the best premium beef. I wonder what it tastes like if it was fried. When I was a child, I had a rabbit and fed it using the best carrots every day. One day, it died. The taste was something you wouldn’t forget in this lifetime. Human beings eat the highest quality ingredients. Presumably, their meat is also very delicious. I had a desire to try it. Haha, it’s no wonder that police can’t find all the missing pieces when a psychotic murderer kills someone and dismembers them. Especially the meat on the legs and abdomen..."

Picking out a random paragraph of the text in the notebook caused shivers to run down Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue’s spine. This was absolutely psychopathic. At the same time, it was written so well. It was far better than Xin Bai's online novel.

The entire notebook contained disgusting and explicit content. It recorded the mental journey of a murderer. Lin Dongxue said, "I’m going to have nightmares after reading this. Can this book convict him?"

"Are these true? He’s an author. An author’s profession is creating fiction." Chen Shi expressed doubt.

"From a certain point of view, writers are also the best at lying and acting. They will act like different characters from their works. You’ve said that professions would alienate a part of a person. People who write these things for a long time wouldn’t be psychologically normal, right? These skills extend to reality. Presumably, his lying skills are also at a MAX[1], so the private lives of some writers are extremely chaotic."

"Haha, you’ve forcefully explained everything. I don’t think writing these things will make people turn bad. If we use this rationale, would people soar up into the sky in broad daylight if they were to write cultivation novels? The deterioration can only be due to personal reasons. No serious profession can make a person bad." Chen Shi looked at the notebook in his hands. "This should be debated. Don't think so arbitrarily that this is evidence of a crime."

"Oh. Let's head back!"

Before leaving, Chen Shi took one last look around the place. Lin Dongxue asked him what he was looking for. Chen Shi replied, "Where’s the camera? Xin Bai showed great resistance to the camera. It wasn’t an act. The place where he lives should have a camera."

"It must be fake, right? I think he’s acting. Who would install a camera at home? It’s not like he’s being imprisoned

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