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Facing Chen Shi's gaze, Chang Juan was speechless. She was extremely flustered at the moment as if she was about to cry in the next second.

Chen Shi continued to ask, "I noticed that you always pause for a long time between conversations, as if you’re waiting for someone's instructions. Whose 'spokesperson' are you? That person understands Chunqin's case very well. Why didn't they report the case themselves instead of speaking through you?"

Everyone's eyes fell on Chang Juan. Some people didn't know the cause and effect of everything, but Peng Sijue had heard about the whole thing before they came here.

Under the pressure of everyone's stares, Chang Juan became more and more nervous and seemed as though she was about to collapse at any time. Then she made an unexpected move. She actually squatted down and cried, "I died tragically!"

Everyone was stunned for a moment. Chang Juan's "acting skills" were really extremely terrible. Her crying was fake, her wails were fake, and there was no emotion behind it at all.

"If you want to act, you should make it more realistic. Do you still want to say that you’re possessed by Chunqin?" Chen Shi said.

"I died so miserably!" Chang Juan continued to "wail", causing some police officers to laugh secretly.

Although her acting skills were poor, she remained in this state for ten minutes, making people tremendously dumbfounded. It was as though she was hiding in an invisible shell to resist all damage from the outside world.

Lin Dongxue whispered, "Forcing her like this will only produce a counterproductive effect. This girl is too introverted."

Chen Shi furrowed his brows. "Can you take off her choker?"

"That isn’t a good idea. She isn’t a suspect. We have no right to do this."

Chen Shi was very discouraged, mainly because he was unwilling to accept that he had no way of finding out the truth. However, he could only give up.

After this saga, it was already 12:00 noon. Chief Zhang saw everyone coming out, and approached them very enthusiastically, saying that he would invite everyone to lunch. Peng Sijue didn't like to join social engagements like these. It would be torture for him to have lunch with strangers. He said, "I'm going to reexamine the body now."

"No way!? Captain Peng, you can do the work in the afternoon. It's time for lunch. Let’s go, let’s go. Give me some face!"

Peng Sijue shook his head. "We will drive over there by ourselves."

The chief had no choice but to follow along, complaining constantly along the way, thinking that the people from the city were really workaholics.

Chen Shi and the rest were divided into two groups and their group went off for a leisurely meal. Chang Juan followed him and Lin Dongxue silently. As it was still the first month of the lunar year, they had trouble finding a restaurant that was open for business. They ordered lotus root slices sandwiched with pork, winter bambooshootand cured meat soup, spicy cabb

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