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After the interrogation, Chu Shifang said, "I have a request. I want to say a few words to Chang Juan."

Chen Shi responded, "Sure."

When she left the interrogation room, both Ai Ying and Chang Juan looked at Chu Shifang with surprised eyes. Chu Shifang said to Chang Juan, "I have told the police the whole truth. You don't need to lie anymore. I will not be your shareholder anymore. You should live a good life from now on... Maybe we will meet again in court. I hope I can live till then." She forced a smile.

Chang Juan’s expression looked complicated. After Chu Shifang was taken away, she said, "Police Elder Sister, I also have something I want to say."

Chang Juan sat in the interrogation room again and said, "About a year ago, 39 found me and told me that she was the one who had killed my parents. I was completely dumbfounded because she had always treated me very well, just like a kind elder. This person was actually the one who killed my parents. Of course I couldn’t forgive her. I never will. 39 promised me that I will get my revenge. Now, she has finally fulfilled her promise, but my heart is very heavy… I don’t think she’s that bad, what do you all think?"

"She is a bad person who found her conscience and mended her ways. It’s never too late for that." Chen Shi said.

Chang Juan recounted what had happened that night, which was basically the same as Chu Shifang's version of events. Finally, Chang Juan said, "Please let Chunli go. She didn't do anything. It’s just that she was too timid to deal with the police. "

Since the murderer was Chu Shifang, and Chunli was just an eyewitness, she was released after being detained for a few hours.

The case finally came to fruition. Lin Dongxue breathed a sigh of relief and walked out of the Public Security Bureau. It was already early in the morning, and Lin Dongxue said, "How did you find out that Chu Shifang is a man... I mean, was a man?"

"It was the photos. I went to Ma Xiang's house and looked at them again. I found that there was only young Ma Xiang in the photos, but no young Chu Shifang. From this, I speculated that the photos taken away were actually hers, so what did she need to hide? The surveillance video, cancer treatment drug, and things found on the computer all pointed towards the same conclusion. The person who lived there wasn’t Ma Xiang. Thus, I made this bold assumption that Chu Shifang was his former partner."

"I see!" Lin Dongxue smiled and nodded. "I don't know why Chang Juan's parents were killed. Why didn't Zhou Tiannan make use of his own people, but outsourced it to two greenhorn hired killers?"

"More importantly, the time when Chang Juan's parents were killed was almost exactly during the same period as Zhou Xiao's flagrant crimes. I wonder if there’s any connection there?"

"Do you think that there must be a connection?"

"Judging from Zhou Tiannan's habits, he only committed purposeful murders, not simply to 'seek pleasure'

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