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Chen Shi put the piece of paper back to block the camera and said, "Who is your 'master'? Did they make you call them master?"

Xin Bai covered his ears and shook his head desperately, like a tortoise retracting into their shell. "I can't say, I can't say! Master will punish me. Sorry master, I was wrong. I’ll write the manuscript, I’ll write it well!"

Chen Shi retreated in order to advance. "Do the injuries on your body hurt?"

Xin Bai nodded with tears falling down his face.

"I'll take you for a checkup and treatment, okay?"

Afterwards, Chen Shi called Lin Qiupu and Peng Sijue. Although Lin Qiupu didn't say anything, his expression showed disgust toward this "actor". As a serious and upright person, he despised these dishonest suspects.

Xin Bai was taken to Peng Sijue who took off his clothes for examination. Several people saw that there were many bloodstains and bruises on his body. New wounds covered the old ones. There was almost no piece of good skin. There were cigarette burn marks on his arms. Peng Sijue also found that there were a lot of whip marks on his back.

"Take off your pants," Peng Sijue ordered.

"Take off my pants?" Xin Bai glanced at Lin Dongxue who was present.

"How about I take my leave?" Lin Dongxue said.

"Aiya, hehehe, I'm a little excited to take off my pants in front of so many people!" Xin Bai blushed and started to take off his pants. He readily tried to take off his underwear, but was stopped by Chen Shi. "Hey, no one wants to look at that."

"This inspection isn’t thorough. Forensic medical examinations have to be done while stripped naked." Xin Bai complained.

They saw a lot of injuries on his legs. It seemed to be mainly from scratching and whipping. Xin Bai touched his private parts and said shyly, "There are also injuries here..."

"Everyone, get out first. I'll check." Peng Sijue instructed.

After a while, he called them back. At this time, Xin Bai was already wearing clothes, sitting on the dissecting table like a child, dangling his legs.

Peng Sijue said, "His urethra is swollen. There’s a scar from an electric shock on his penis. He says that he was tortured by a person who inserted something into his urethra before electrocuting him."

"Really... It’s really psychotic." Lin Dongxue couldn't imagine what had happened.

"Are these injuries caused by others? Or did you do them yourself?" Lin Qiupu questioned.

"It wasn’t me! It wasn’t me!" Xin Bai said loudly as he was lying on the dissection table, before suddenly clutching his stomach and rolling around. "My stomach hurts. There is a magnet in my intestines. It hurts!"

Peng Sijue was about to step forward to check, but Xin Bai struggled so hard that he couldn't get close at all.

Lin Qiupu frowned. "Acting again? You put up an act as soon as we ask you about the key matters!”

"I think it's still better to do an X-ray!" Chen Shi suggested, "This kind of passage appeared in his novels

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