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The truth came so suddenly that even Lin Dongxue was taken aback. Yet when she thought about it carefully, Ma Xiang being 39 was indeed something Chu Shifang had personally stated that night, and there was no other evidence than that. Everyone had been misled by her.

According to the previous hypothesis, 39 and the murderer “Reattached Finger” were a pair of partners. Perhaps they were actually a criminal couple?

Chen Shi looked at Chu Shifang and said in a measured tone, "I’ll just ask you one thing. Are you a woman?"

"What... What does that mean?" Ai Ying and the others didn't understand at all.

Chu Shifang pursed her lips and after a long time, she replied, "I didn't think that someone would see through this matter in my lifetime. Did you figure it out yourself, or did I reveal some flaws?"


Chu Shifang pointed toChangJuan's position. "Let me sit there and answer your questions slowly. In addition, please let Chang Juan go. I was the one who killed Ma Xiang."

"No, she didn't kill Ma Xiang..." Chang Juan said.

"Okay, it's already gotten to this point. There’s no need to lie in front of the police anymore." Chu Shifang smiled bitterly. After the truth was exposed, she was actually relieved. "Chang Juan, you did a good job. I promised to take revenge for you. I did as I said. Ma Xiang deserved to die, and I... will soon be punished by the law."

Chang Juan furrowed her brows as if she couldn't bear it.

"I don't quite understand." Ai Ying said, "How could Sister Chu be 39? Then who’s the real 22?"

"She is two people at the same time. 39 and 22. It’s very easy to pretend to be two people on the Internet. This person is the real major shareholder." Chen Shi said.

Lin Dongxue asked the others to go outside for a while. Then Chu Shifang sat on the interrogation chair. Chen Shi asked her if she wanted tea and she replied indifferently, "Give me a cigarette!"

"Aren't you suffering from lung cancer?" Chen Shi asked tentatively.

Chu Shifang widened her eyes slightly. "It doesn't matter anyway. I won't be able to live for long anyway."

"It's still better not to smoke. I’ll pour you a glass of water."

Chu Shifang wrapped the cup with her hands. "I can tell you now what happened that night... Actually, I originally planned to use Chang Juan to guide the police step by step to catch Ma Xiang without exposing my existence, but I found that it was too motherfucking difficult. Ma Xiang gradually realized what was happening and the police’s curiosity was too great. You kept investigating my identity, which put me in a very passive position. My original plan couldn’t be realized, but I promised Chang Juan that I’d definitely avenge her. Hence, that night I lied to Ma Xiang and lured him to the abandoned villa. I told Ma Xiang that I had found the little tail[1] he always wanted to get rid of.

"After they met, Chang Juan was very emotional and asked why he wanted to kill her parents. Ma Xia

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