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Lin Qiupu looked at Chen Shi in confusion, "You don't really believe in such nonsensical things, do you?"

"Some things are difficult to explain. For example, I fried four small sausages and placed them on the table this morning. When I turned around, it had turned into three. Who would I find to reason with?" Chen Shi said half-jokingly.

"It's a waste of time! There aren’t many people on duty during New Year and we still have to deal with such false alarms. What if there’s a real problem? If you want to go and confirm it, confirm it yourself.”

Lin Dongxue smiled bitterly at Chen Shi. She knew that Chen Shi liked this kind of strange case. From the look in his eyes, he was very interested in it and eager to find out more.

Lin Dongxue asked for permission. "Captain Lin, can I contact the Shiqiao Town Public Security Bureau for a copy of the case file?"

"Yes, but you’re not allowed to take action without authorization. There’s no need to go out for this matter."

Later, a fax of the dossier was sent over. Lin Dongxue and Chen Shi sat down and read the case together. This case can be described as "making one’s blood boil". The case had occurred in late November. There were two victims, Chunqin and her husband Li Tiezhu. The two were sleeping in their own house at the time. When the murderer came in, the big yellow dog kept in the yard didn’t bark at all. After testing the dog’s feces, it was found that it had been given sleeping pills.

Chunqinwas raped and then killed. The cause of death was a thin string that had strangled her by the neck from behind. It was suspected to be a fishing line. Li Tiezhu was strangled to death by the same kind of thin string, and his hands and feet had marks from being bound. The police investigated the scene. It was determined that Li Tiezhu had been tied to a pillar facing the bed. A large amount of cotton textile fibers were detected in his mouth, which had the same composition as a rag found at the scene.

The police suspected that the murderer had tied Li Tiezhu to the pillar and stuffed a rag into his mouth before rapingChunqin, forcing him to "watch" his wife's abuse throughout the process. Judging from Li Tiezhu’s ligature marks, the whole process may have taken two hours.

It’s worth mentioning that when the murderer was committing the rape, witnesses had passed by the scene. They were several teenagers who were returning from the Internet cafe. They had seen figures swaying in the window at the back of the house. They were so excited that they whistled and stayed for some time before leaving.

The witnesses' confessions were unexpectedly detailed. They were all unemployed youths in the town. The police seemed to have suspected them at first.

After two hours of torture, the murderer killed the couple in succession and boiled some water before pouring it all over Chunqin’s body. Additionally, the murderer had brushed her skin with a wire brush, seemingly to remove any evi

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