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Lin Dongxue said, "Do you remember how Chunqin has a younger sister named Chunli? We met her before at the Public Security Bureau."

Chen Shi had almost forgotten the existence of the girl, so he suggested that they pay her a visit.

When he arrived atChunli'sresidence and saw her, Chen Shi lowered his head and glanced at her feet, which seemed to be size 37. This made him secretly excited as they seemed to have found the right person.

Chun Li asked timidly, "Why are you looking for me? Is there any progress for my sister and brother-in-law’s case?"

"Sorry, we came to look for you today regarding another matter." Lin Dongxue's eyes fell on the shoe rack by the door. "Where were you on the night of the 11th?"

"I... I was home alone."

"Doing what?"

"I wasn’t doing anything. I was sleeping."

"Sleeping the whole night?"

Chunli's eyes already revealed panic. She asked, "Why...whyare you asking me this? Is there anything special about the 11th? Did a case happen again?"

Lin Dongxue asked Chen Shi to retrieve the photo of the shoe print on his phone and said, "Can we check your shoes?"

Chunli's eyes widened. "What's this about a footprint...?"

"I found it at a place in the outskirts of the town on the night of the 11th." Lin Dongxue said.

Chunli went silent. When Lin Dongxue asked again if she could check her shoes, she said with cold sweat beading on her forehead, "Don't... don't bother checking. I admit that I was there that day and I heard it!"

"What did you hear?"

"A man was swearing as if someone had attacked him, and the other person didn’t speak. I heard the footsteps of the two people going back and forth, just above me." Chunli's memories were very fragmented, but these sorts of expressions were often the truth because reality is often fragmented.

"Where were you?" Lin Dongxue asked.

"The first floor of that villa."

Chen Shi said, "When we rushed over, you escaped from the window?"

"I don't know. The surroundings were too dark and I didn't notice anyone outside when I ran out."

"Was the man upstairs still alive when you escaped?"

"The voice was getting weaker and weaker..."

Chen Shi thought suddenly that if Chunli's words were true, she would have actually left the scene earlier, because Ma Xiang had died of a liver rupture and it would have taken him a while to die completely.

What was the reflection they saw from the window at that time? Was it another person? "Reattached Finger" who had appeared there?

No, there was no trace of a fourth person at the scene. Chen Shi had judged previously that "Reattached Finger" might not have turned up at all.

Chunli was actually an eyewitness in this case. This involved a key question. Lin Dongxue asked, "Then, why were you there?"

Chunli's eyes widened, and stammered, "For a walk..."

"It's half a kilometer from the town, and it's in the wilderness. This kind of reason is too far-fetched. Please tell

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