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Seeing Lu Qi rushing towards Lin Dongxue, Chen Shi did a run-up from behind and rushed directly onto Lu Qi's back, gouging at his eyes hard.

Lu Qi yelled in pain and slammed Chen Shi, who was hanging on his back, against the wall. Chen Shi felt like he had been run over by a road roller. All his internal organs seemed to be squashed flat. He vomited a big mouthful of blood and weakly fell down.

Like a mad lion, Lu Qi turned around and kicked at Chen Shi angrily, but his eyes hadn't recovered yet. His kick missed and a large piece of the wall’s exterior was kicked off.

Chen Shi endured the severe pain and hurried to the side. Lu Qi's eyesight barely recovered. His eyes were red with blood and the corners of his mouth showed a wicked grin. He exclaimed proudly, "Look at you. You look just like a dog!"

It was at that dangerous moment when reinforcements arrived. Several criminal police officers rushed in and pointed their guns at Lu Qi. Lu Qi wrinkled his nose in disgust, turned, and rushed into the manager's office. When the police chased him, they saw him stepping on the desk, protecting his face with both hands, and rushed directly towards the window.

With a crash, the glass shattered and his burly body blasted out of the building like a cannonball and fell down from the fourth floor, crushing a police car parked below.

Lin Qiupu exposed half of his body from the window, fired three shots at the sky and shouted, "Stop that guy!"

The police officers below immediately surrounded Lu Qi in a circle. Lu Qi was hit by several bullets and had jumped from such a height. No matter how tough he was, he was at his end. When the police surrounded him at gunpoint, Lu Qi was helpless and kept panting angrily. He kept glaring at the police around him with his frightening eyes.

Upstairs, Lin Dongxue helped Chen Shi up. The smash just then broke several of Chen Shi's ribs, and he felt some pain when he walked around. Looking down from the window, he saw Lu Qi was cornered like a stray dog.

Knowing that he was unable to turn the situation around, Lu Qi knelt down, stretched out his hands towards the sky, and roared from his core, "Heaven, why have you abandoned me?! Why did you abandon me?! Why did you abandon me?!?!"

The voice went straight up towards the heavens, and even people from a few streets away could hear him. The police officers who were closest to him were shaken by the roar that even their hearts were shaking. The windows of the shop nearby even cracked.

At the last shout, Lu Qi's eyes widened as if he had swallowed something. His fierce face was frozen in an angry expression, and then he fell straight down with his eyes open.

A long time passed before the police dared to move forward. Someone checked under Lu Qi's nose and found that he had stopped breathing.

It took the police a long time to clean up the scene. Out of the staff, one had died and two were injured. The manager had a leg torn off an

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