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It was the first month of the lunar year, so there were basically no cars on the road, and it was a smooth drive. Lin Dongxue and Chang Juan were chatting. When they talked about their hobbies, Chang Juan was very happy, and her eyes were bright as she talked.

"What do you major in?" Lin Dongxue asked.

Chang Juan, who had been very excited before, suddenly became indifferent. "Environmental science. It’smainlyresearching pollution and environmental protection."

"It seems that you don't like your major very much." Chen Shi said.

"No, I like it very much. Otherwise, why would I have chosen it back then?" When she said this, Chang Juan's expression was very unnatural.

"With all due respect, how did your parents pass away?"

Chang Juan was surprised for a moment and fell silent again. In the silent car, Chen Shi seemed to hear the slight movement inside earphones. Indeed, someone was secretly "giving directions" to Chang Juan.

Chang Juan replied, "Car accident."

"Were you still in high school at the time?" Lin Dongxue asked.

"Yes." Chang Juan's eyes dimmed again. "The death of my parents hit me very hard and affected me in all aspects. My life became a financial struggle and I couldn't even complete my studies smoothly."

"Then how did you get into college?" Lin Dongxue asked.

Chang Juan looked at her blankly, was silent for a few seconds, and replied, "Why are you asking me all these questions? Can I ask you questions? You two are always together. Are you a couple?"

This way of speaking was completely different from that of Chang Juan herself. Chen Shi thought to himself that it was most likely the "mastermind behind the scenes" who was teaching her how to deal with the police.

The scenery outside the car window was getting more and more desolate. Looking around, there were only wide expanses of wilderness. The dry grass was sparsely covered with a few piles of snow. After driving for about half an hour, they arrived at Shiqiao Town. This town wasn’t very big. There were only two long intersecting streets. Some residential houses and farmland were scattered around but there were large forested areas around the periphery, and it was as though the small town was hidden deep in the middle of a large forest.

They heard that every household here owned its own piece of woodland. Most of the townspeople lived a very comfortable life. The pace of life here was slow. It was already 10:00, and there were still people on the street eating breakfast leisurely.

Chen Shi scented the fragrance of iron oven shaobings[1]. He remembered that theshaobingssold here were meat-filled, baked crisply and coated with a rich sauce. They were especially delicious.

Thus his gluttony was aroused and he asked Lin Dongxue to buy three of them: one for each person. However, Chang Juan resolutely refused to eat the shaobing, staring at it and swallowing saliva, but desperately shaking her head.

They met up with Pen

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