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Chen Shi and Xin Bai chatted in the interrogation room. Peng Sijue sent someone to call Lin Qiupu and Lin Dongxue to the forensic laboratory. The autopsy was currently in progress. Honestly speaking, Lin Dongxue couldn't adapt to this scene no matter how many times she witnessed it.

It was said that the corpse found in Xin Bai’s car was cut into over forty pieces. It was barely put back to form a human figure. It was an adult male. Peng Sijue said, "There’s something you guys have to see."

He used tweezers to dig out a part of the stomach. Lin Qiupu noticed that the stomach had already turned black and asked, "Is it rotten?"

"No, the corpse is actually very fresh. I estimate that the time of death was about 20 hours ago. It shouldn’t be over a day old. A large amount of this was found in the deceased's intestines..." Peng Sijue paused. "Soy sauce!"


Lin Qiupu suspected that he had heard it wrong. Lin Dongxue did smell soy sauce from the stench of the corpse. When she thought of dipping food into soy sauce during dinner, she couldn't help feeling nauseous.

Peng Sijue continued, "At first I thought it was food residue, but no clear cause of death was found on the corpses. Later, we did a blood test and it was found that the deceased's blood sodium levels were very high and there was too much soy sauce in the deceased's stomach. It’s much more than the normal dose for human consumption. The main substance in soy sauce is salt. A lethal dose of salt is 40 grams. The deceased was forcefully fed a large amount of soy sauce when he was healthy. The salt that entered the body would extract the water in the body’s cells. Excessive blood sodium would increase blood pressure and shock the autonomic nerves. His death was long and painful. This is not an ordinary murder. It’s a torturous murder!"

After listening to Peng Sijue's narration, everyone was in shock that a bottle of ordinary soy sauce could kill people. If the murderer didn't have a deep hatred for the victim, then they must be psychotic.

Lin Qiupu directed his anger at Xin Bai, gritted his teeth, and said, "That guy is still acting in the interrogation room. I must make him pay!"

"Brother, things haven't been clarified yet. The author is in a very poor state of mind. We can’t say for sure that he’s the murderer." Lin Dongxue said.

"If he didn't kill him, why would he drive his own car to abandon the body? Old Zhang, is that car his?" Lin Qiupu asked.

"It's his." Old Zhang replied.

"Should we go to his house? It might be the crime scene." Lin Dongxue said.

"Yes!" Lin Qiupu asked Peng Sijue, "Are there other findings?"

"The deceased was a young male. His identity hasn’t been figured out yet."

Lin Dongxue glanced at the dissecting table and suddenly felt that the deceased seemed a bit familiar. This feeling was the most frightening – Finding out that the deceased might be your acquaintance.

She walked to the dissecting table ste

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