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On February 13th, Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue went to Ma Xiang's residence to investigate. Naturally, it would be impossible for the home of a single middle-aged man to be organized or clean.

His refrigerator was full of frozen convenience food, the ashtray in front of the computer desk was full of cigarette butts, and there were many garbage bags piled up at the door. It seemed as though Ma Xiang rarely went out.

Although Ma Xiang was a recluse, his main hobby was collecting scholar’s objects. There were a dazzling array of handicrafts on the shelves. This was the cleanest place in the whole living room.

Lin Dongxue said, "This guy has hundreds of thousands in savings in his bank account, as well as various funds and bonds, but he’s never worked. It’s been 20 years since he graduated from high school and he hasn’t worked a day in his life... What kind of life is that?"

"Are you envious?" Chen Shi smiled. "Ma Xiang's work is probably something we can't find out. It must have been something extremely risky."

"Was this person really a professional killer?" Lin Dongxue looked around the house, feeling very strange that the owner of this ordinary house was actually a professional killer.

Chen Shi opened the cabinet to check. He ran his hand over the dust on the compartment and pondered. Lin Dongxue approached and asked him what was wrong. Chen Shi said, "I feel that the things in this cabinet seem to have been moved."

"Hey, there’s an album here." Lin Dongxue picked it up and looked through it. She found that some photos seemed to have been taken away, leaving only the photos of Ma Xiang and his ex-wife, his parents, and solo shots of him. "Old Chen, your feeling is right. Someone has indeed taken away some things."

"They’ve acted really fast, right? He just died and someone had already come to deal with the aftermath. Who would do this?" Chen Shi looked around. Had the murderer been here before? Wouldn't it be possible to see them in the housing community’s surveillance footage later?

"Could there be an organization behind Ma Xiang and the murderer? They were punished for 'bad work' back then, indicating that they had a more powerful figure behind them." Lin Dongxue speculated.

"Things have become complicated!" Chen Shi sighed.

Soon after, Chen Shi found a hospital invoice in the trash bin. It was recent and the text on it was unreadable.

The highlight was of course Ma Xiang’s computer. The computer desktop wallpaper was a solo photo of him on a trip to another part of the country. Ma Xiang wore sunglasses and carried a briefcase. He stood upright in front of the scenic spot and smiled idiotically. It was very unsophisticated. The act of using a selfie as a desktop wallpaper in itself was something an old uncle would do.

In addition to some chess and card games as well as traditional storytelling recordings on the computer, there was a chat software. However, when they clicked on it, they found that

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