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"Hey, stop. What are you doing?!" Lin Dongxue scolded.

Chang Juan ignored her and blurted out profanities, insulting Chen Shi in a monotonous voice as if she was reciting ancient poems. Chen Shi wasn’t irritated and remained very curious. This girl was really strange and he wanted to know why.

When Chang Juan had finished scolding, Lin Dongxue said, "Do you know what you’re doing right now? You’ve made a false report and insulted others. I can arrest you right now."

Chang Juan stared at Lin Dongxue blankly for a few seconds, and then said to Chen Shi. "I'm sorry." The tone was no different from her previous cursing.

"I’ll reserve my opinions regarding this matter for the moment. Let's talk about serious business. What do you know about the case of Chunqin's murder?" Chen Shi said.

"The case happened on the night of November 18thlast year. My husband and I were in bed when an uninvited guest broke into the house. When my husband called out and asked who it was, he was punched and dragged under the bed. I was so frightened. I curled up on the bed and didn't dare to say a word. They fought and grappled with each other in the dark for a long time. Suddenly, my husband stopped moving. The man came over and turned on the light..." Chang Juan narrated in a calm tone.

It seemed that she was still insisting that she was Chunqin. Chen Shi decided not to pursue this matter for the time being. He said, "What is your husband's name?"

"Li Tiezhu. His childhood nickname was Tiedan."

"What is the name of your dog?"

"Little Black, even though it’s a yellow dog."

"What is your house like?"

"Two rooms and one living room, plus a courtyard. A bungalow, probably..." Chang Juan was dazed for a moment. "It's probably over 100 square meters!"

Lin Dongxue was stunned. These details were completely correct, and only people who were very close to the deceased would know about them. She couldn't help asking, "Who are you?"

Chang Juan pointed to herself. "Right now in this body, Chunqin herself is talking to you."

"If you make this kind of joke again, I will lose patience!" Lin Dongxue was a little angry.

"I told you the answer, but you just don't want to believe it." Chang Juan said calmly, as if she was reciting a lesson from memory. "I can continue to tell you the details of the case until you believe it."

"Okay, you just said that the murderer turned on the light. You saw what he looked like, right?" Chen Shi said.

Chang Juan nodded.

"What did he look like?"

"I can't remember clearly. It's been too long."

"That was the last face you saw before you died." Chen Shi simply decided to pretend that she was the deceased herself. "This face swayed in front of you for two hours. How could you not remember?"

"It didn't linger in front of me for that long. I was raped, but that person basically only did it from behind. I only saw him a few times and I didn't dare to look directly into his eyes be

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