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Hearing this name, aside from surprise, Chen Shi felt a sense of nostalgia. He said, "The person in charge of doing the contacting? Do you mean communication between you and the employer?"

"Yes,Brother Zhou had found us the job. When the employer got angry and wanted to kill us, Brother Zhou made a call and the employer spared us... Of course, this kind of punishment is worse than death."

"Do you know what Zhou Tiannan does for a living?"

"He’s a public school teacher."

"Besides this?"

"Nothing more!" Chu Shifang looked blank.

Lin Dongxue wore a look of disbelief and whispered to Chen Shi, "Zhou Tiannan cultivated a bunch of killers himself. Why did he give the job to other people?"

Chen Shi silently shook his head. He remembered that ten years ago was the period when Zhou Xiao was violently committing crimes. Could it be that their gang was so busy that they outsourced the murder?

Were Chang Qing and his wife worth assassinating? Did they offend an important person, or did they find out about some earth-shattering secret?

In order to confirm that the Zhou Tiannan mentioned by Chu Shifang was the one they knew, Chen Shi asked him to describe Zhou Tiannan’s characteristics. What Chu Shifang described was consistent with the Zhou Tiannan they knew.

What he knew about Zhou Tiannan was limited and he didn't know why the employer wanted to kill Chang Qing and his wife. He and Ma Xiang were just carrying out the mission for monetary gain.

"So how did you and Chang Juan meet?" Chen Shi asked.

"After that incident, I watched the police investigating the case like headless flies. I knew they couldn't figure it out. When I wasn’t killing people, I liked to play mahjong and visit forums. By chance, I saw Chang Juan's posts saying that as long as you pay for her life stocks, you can manipulate her life and play the role of a parent. I thought this was astonishing. The girl’s parents were killed by Ma Xiang and I, but I actually encountered this matter. I was hesitant at the time. I didn’t know whether I should notify Ma Xiang, find the girl, kill her and tie up loose ends, but I didn’t do it in the end. Firstly, the risk was far too great. Secondly, there was no need for it anymore as the matter was already in the past.

“I bought Chang Juan’s life stock using the reward I got for killing her parents. It was really ironic. Then I became her shareholder. This 'game' was quite fun. We discussed what Chang Juan needed to do, what she needed to wear and who she was going to see every day. I became very busy. Most of the people in the group are rich and idle people.”

“I have to mention Ma Xiang here. Ever since that incident, his heart had become warped. He often went out to look for prostitutes in the middle of the night. Ma Xiang had become traumatized and no matter how he tried, he couldn’t get hard no matter what. When he got impatient, he’d hit the prostitutes. Then he was beaten until his face was swo

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