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Volume 45: Keeping An Author[1]

After Chu Shifang's case was over, Long'an City was quiet for a while. On the weekend of March 16th, Tao Yueyue hadn't returned home yet, so Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue enjoyed couple’s time together leisurely.

Chen Shi leaned on the sofa and Lin Dongxue was lying in his arms. Chen Shi grabbed the phone in his hand. "Let me show you a good thing. I’ve downloaded an app to watch videos on the phone. It has everything on it. Haii, it's so convenient."

"Are you even a modern person?" Lin Dongxue smiled and teased as she took a slice of cut apple from the plate and stuffed it into Chen Shi's mouth.

"What are you watching?" Chen Shi was still operating his phone. He opened a movie trailer and the two watched a funny little video together and laughed. It was not that the video was particularly funny, they just wanted to have a laugh.

When going through the videos, Chen Shi happened to see a small column called "Netizens Criticism" and opened it. The UP owner wearing glasses said, "Hello my friends, we meet again. Recently, an explosive detective novel appeared on a certain website, causing unprecedented heated discussion in major forums. The author of this novel is Xin Bai. This "The Detective of the Abyss" was serialized in March last year and has now reached hundreds of millions of views.

“What is this novel about? It's about a detective who was hit by a thunderbolt from the sky along with the criminal he was about to arrest. Friends who are familiar with online writing know that this opening lightning strike must mean something is about to happen. Indeed, the protagonist and the criminal have their bodies swapped. It was very intense from the moment the story began.”

“The protagonist found that the guns of his companions were all aimed at him and his heart was like that of a husky. His survival instinct caused him to escape, and the criminal who became the captain of the criminal police force used the resources of the police to continuously set up a net to chase the protagonist. The antagonist knew very well that he could only get away with being a policeman if the protagonist was killed. Thus, a continuous thrilling chase of the century began just like that.”

“Not only is the main plot of this novel exciting, but the side plots are also eye-opening. It’s entertaining, but it’s a pity, hehe. The author is an unscrupulous person. As soon as his work got some results, the writer started to drag it out. He didn’t update regularly, cut things short, and went on hiatus. He even released news that the finale was about to come more than once. The readers were shocked at first. There were a lot of unresolved matters, so how could the finale be coming up? Only after the fact did they realize the news was fake. The author didn’t want to write any more, but the editor wouldn’t let it go.”

“So, this unscrupulous author started to play tricks. For example, the style of writing changed after 400 c

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