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"The boundless horizon is my love, and the flowers are blooming at the foot of the green hills..."

In the early morning, the employees in Hot Pot City opposite of the Public Security Bureau began to dance again. Whenever Lin Dongxue heard this, it meant that she was late, but this time, she wasn’t actually late. Then, she saw Xu Xiaodong appear with dark circles under his eyes greet her.

"Did you stay up late playing games again?"

"I didn’t play the game. The game played me. I was stuck on a boss for four hours last night... But I’ve passed it now." Xu Xiaodong still showed a trace of pride on his face.

"You can die suddenly like this."

"No, the experts said that working overtime is called enduring late sleep, but playing mobile phones and computers until late is just going to sleep late, which doesn't have much of an impact on your health. What does it matter if young people sleep for a few hours less? Aren’t I still very energetic every day?"

"There are heaps of experts, but you just pick this kind of thing to listen to!"

At this time, a taxi appeared on the side of the road, and a man jumped out of the car. Xu Xiaodong let out a "Huh?" and asked, "Isn't this what’s-his-name from the last time?"

Seeing Lin Dongxue, Xin Bai ran over excitedly and shouted, "Dongxue, it’s me! It’s me!"

Lin Dongxue frowned. Why did this damn uncle call her in such an intimate way? She said, "I won't necessarily go to the prison today!"

"No, I'm Chen Shi!"


"Last night, we swapped bodies in our dreams!" Xin Bai scratched his hair. "Damn it, why did this happen?"

Lin Dongxue opened her mouth wide in shock. At this moment, a rolled up newspaper knocked on Xin Bai's head. Chen Shi suddenly appeared and said, "Don't make such silly jokes."

Xin Bai grinned and asked Lin Dongxue, "Officer Lin, were you deceived by me?"

"You bastard! Old Chen, you don't look too good."

"Oh, I had a nightmare last night and didn't get a good rest... I really shouldn't have watched ‘Ring’ with Yueyue before going to bed."

In that dream that was like a serial drama, Chen Shi kept going till dawn, which made him very haggard. Of course, it was impossible to exchange bodies. He woke up and thought about it. All the images in the dream were experienced or heard by himself previously. From this, it could be seen that they were just ordinary dreams.

But from this dream, it could also be seen that his subconscious was also tempted by the fallacies of Chen Fengde and Liu Tao.

Lin Dongxue went to see Captain Lin. She came out and said to them, "Okay, the prison procedures haven’t been completed yet. Why don’t we go investigate the case today?"

"The one in the gym?" Xin Bai asked.

"I wasn’t talking to you. Can you not follow me?" Lin Dongxue said in contempt.

Xin Bai shook Chen Shi's hands. "Mr. Chen, take me. Let me broaden my horizons."

"Take him and let him know how boring it is to investigate cases

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