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After questioning Liang Jing for quite some time, they found a lot of clues. While leaving the housing community, Xin Bai said excitedly, "Wow, investigating a case is really interesting. Do you often encounter such interesting things?"

"What's the use of it being interesting? I haven't grasped the key clues yet." Chen Shi said.

"Didn't you ask about the names and contact information of a bunch of loan sharks?" Xin Bai said.

"The loan sharks won’t kill people. They will catch the people who don’t pay them back and beat them up or threaten their families, but they won’t use a knife to stab people directly to death. After all, their purpose is money."

"Was that lover just then a suspect?" Lin Dongxue asked.

"I observed that his height is shorter than mine, and it doesn't match the characteristics of the murderer... I don't think we have to verify his alibi."

"Loan sharks will kill people if they don't get the money!" Xin Bai said, "I wrote in a novel that they buy insurance for those that don’t pay up and then forge accidents to kill people."

"You’re making things up! Insurance must have an immediate family member or spouse be the beneficiary. Even if they threaten his family to submit, the insurance company will come to confirm the death with the police and it would be revealed immediately." Chen Shi explained.

"Shall we check the loan sharks now?" Lin Dongxue asked.

Chen Shi considered, "Let’s go to the crime scene and have a look."

When they arrived at the gym, Lin Dongxue stared lustfully at the muscular men who lifted weights, and Chen Shi asked, "What’s so good about the same muscle?"

"Don’t you guys love looking at breasts when they look the same as well?" Lin Dongxue retorted.

"Lecherous!" Chen Shi smiled.

The shower room was cordoned off by the police. The three put on shoe covers and went in. There were still blood stains on the ground, which were marked by cards one by one. The shower room was separated by screens. Lu Ming was killed in the innermost one. It was afternoon when there were a lot of people, so the employees didn’t pay attention to who went in and out.

There were no witnesses at the scene. Lin Dongxue said, "Since there are many people in the afternoon, why was he the only one in the shower room?"

"This isn’t a bathhouse.[1] The members will leave as soon as they’ve showered off their sweat. They won’t stay for too long, so there must be some time when it’s free. That is, when only the murderer and the deceased were present at the same time." Chen Shi looked around. "This is a good place for a murder. There’s no security camera and there’s hot water at the scene to wash away most of the clues."

"Then the murderer was here pretending to take a shower while waiting for the deceased to appear?" Lin Dongxue said.

"What if someone came in at this time? The murderer wielded a knife while he was naked so he’d be exposed at once." Xin Bai asked.

"The simplest

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