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Lin Dongxue said, "It's impossible for Chen Fengde to have met that little girl. She’s less than ten years old. A child’s looks change a lot. The soap sculpture shows what she looks like now, which he definitely shouldn't know."

Chen Shi said, "What you’re talking about is common sense. However, now that this thing has appeared in front of us, we should consider what connection exists between them... Of course, perhaps the soap carving isn’t of her, but of another person, such as her mother."

"Miss Gu, has he mentioned the Dream Master to you?" Lin Dongxue asked.

Gu You replied, "He mentioned it once. His tone was very respectful, as if he was talking about a God. He said that the Dream Master lives in other people’s dreams, but most people will wake up from dreams, which means that they constantly have to change 'places', so the Dream master often chooses to stay in the dreams of vegetative people because they can't wake up."

"Why does it sound more like a biological habit?" Chen Shi commented. He saw Xin Bai holding a small notebook and asked him what he was noting down. Xin Bai replied, "Material!"

After inspecting Chen Fengde’s daily items, the group of them left. As they passed through the prison compound, Lin Qiupu saw a prison guard carrying a tin bucket walking towards the factory. Some powder leaked from the bottom of the bucket. He noted this and stepped on the powder purposefully.

After leaving the prison, Lin Qiupu took off his shoes and asked Lin Dongxue to bring over an evidence bag. He ran his finger on the powder on the sole and said, "No need. This is cement."

"Why is there cement? There seems to be no place that needs to be repaired in the factory, right?" Lin Dongxue said.

Lin Qiupu shook his head.

Back in the city, Xin Bai and Gu You went back to their homes respectively. The other three had lunch together. Lin Qiupu commented on today’s prison trip. “The prison must be hiding something. Of course, I’m not referring to a conspiracy theory. It must be the negligence regarding the prisoner’s escape, but this can’t be investigated thoroughly. The prison has always been isolated and behind closed doors, no one knows what happens inside.”

"When it comes to isolation, Chen Fengde was the most isolated. He can dream no matter where he is, so there’s no need to escape from prison. I think someone coerced him to complete the unfinished mission from back then." Chen Shi said.

"Unfinished mission? That means he’ll kill more people?" Lin Dongxue said.

"Let’s check the connection between the deceased in the afternoon."

Lin Dongxue and Chen Shi visited Lu Ming’s parents. After Lu Ming died, the loan sharks went to his parents to collect the debt. When they got to the door, they saw several debt collectors spraying paint on the door of the two elderly people who were hiding behind the door, trembling.

Chen Shi took the opportunity to teach the debt collectors a lesson and drove them a

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