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Lin Dongxue received a call and hurried down the mountain. She found that Chen Shi was grabbing onto Xin Bai and dragging him to the town’s public security bureau. Like a shameless kid, Xin Bai struggled, "No, no, no, we can talk this out." He squatted down after walking for two steps.

The two stopped outside a fat offal noodle restaurant a few steps away from the public security bureau. The police officers standing guard in front of the bureau took a look at them. Lin Dongxue stepped forward and said, "The fire has been extinguished. It wasn’t very big, but the files were all burned."

"You didn't expect it to be him, right?!" Then, Chen Shi shouted at Xin Bai. "Why did you set the fire?!"

Xin Bai stammered and Chen Shi sneered. He brought them into the noodle shop next to them. He asked the boss to bring a plate of raw pig intestines and put it in front of Xin Bai, saying, "If you can finish all of it, I won't pursue this matter further and let you go right away."


"Of course, it's true."

Xin Bai began immediately, but vomited after taking two bites. He said with a grimace, "Can we not go to the bureau? Let’s settle this privately. I’m willing to compensate for the burned things."

"Shameless!" Chen Shi was so annoyed that his jaws clenched. "It depends on your attitude when you admit to your crime."

"Yesterday... Last night I had a dream and I met the Dream Master. She said that she could give me a beautiful dream, as long as I did one thing for her."

"You agreed?"

"You know I don’t have the ability to resist temptation at all. Fantasy is my whole life. If I can dream as I want, doesn’t that mean I’d possess another life? So, I agreed. When I was done, I was suddenly here. When I got here, yes, it was this small town. The streets and surrounding mountains were exactly the same. She asked me to go to a school on the mountain to burn their archives room. I tested it in my dream, and after setting the fire, she told me not to forget the promise, otherwise she’d make me unable to dream forever. After that, I had the best dream of my life. I was the protagonist of an urban novel. The dream was so realistic that I had my own consciousness. It was bliss. Do you get what I’m saying? I stayed in the dream for three days!" Xin Bai smiled in content. "After waking up, I felt a sense of loss, and even wanted to buy some sleeping pills and go back to bed. However, I clearly remembered everything that happened in the dream. If I didn’t fulfill my promise, she would make me never dream again, so I came here by bus and did... what I needed to do."

Chen Shi's eyes looked as though he were looking at a piece of garbage, and he pointed to the raw pig intestines in the plate and said, "Eat some more!"

Xin Bai obediently ate a few mouthfuls, then turned his head aside and vomited again. He wiped his mouth and said, "It's too unpalatable. At least give me a plate of mustard."

"You’re really disappointing.

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