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As the alleyway was too narrow, the police cars couldn't drive in, so Peng Sijue and the people from the forensics department walked in carrying their toolboxes.

The sex worker at the scene was woken up. Due to the effects of the anesthetic, her head was muzzy. They asked her about what happened at the time. She only remembered that the TV was on when she walked in. It was very noisy. While looking at the TV, someone suddenly pierced her neck. Before she felt the pain, she had lost consciousness.

Chen Shi tried to re-enact this process, and found that the murderer was using his left hand. It was undoubtedly the same person.

She couldn't remember any other information, including the clothes and the appearance of the murderer. The woman was temporarily sent to a nearby hospital for examination. When she was more sober, they would record a more detailed statement.

When she was being taken away, she suddenly thought of something and yelled, "You aren’t going to arrest me, right? I haven't completed the transaction with that big brother."

One thing was missing from the scene. The bloody handprints that had appeared in the first two cases were absent. An ashtray left behind on the floor had some human tissue adhering to it and it was slightly broken. It was suspected that it had been used by the murderer to knock down the deceased.

There was a little more improvisation in this case, and the murderer seemed a bit anxious. After all, it was a rare opportunity given that Zhang Xiao had come out by himself.

At the scene, Peng Sijue found some fibers. Judging from the color and length, they had come from a wig. It confirmed Chen Shi's conjecture that the murderer might have been disguised as a woman in order to lure Zhang Xiao here.

Lin Dongxue went up the stairs and said to Chen Shi, "I checked the information registered by the murderer, and a person named Li Xiangran actually exists. She’s from Hunan."

"This may also be a clue." Chen Shi glanced at the messy room. "After taking revenge for Duan Lin, what do you think this person will do next?"

"Will he run away?"

"I don't think so. He doesn't know about the speculations we have so far. From the very beginning, when he posted those corpse parts, he had concealed himself and posed as one of the possible victims. He committed all three murders very efficiently. He has sufficient confidence that he hasn’t been exposed yet."

"He really hasn’t been exposed... Have you guessed who he is yet?"

Chen Shi shook his head. "I still don't understand why he killed Big Ox."

"Could Duan Lin just be a cover? He’s avenging another person. I think we can investigate this Li Xiangran."

At this time, the forensic police carried the bagged body out and Peng Sijue walked out afterwards. Chen Shi asked, "Did you find the deceased's cell phone?"

"No. By the way, trace particles from the first murder scene were found in Big Ox's case. With the help of the local polic

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