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Lin Dongxue frowned, obviously not comfortable with this kind of conversation. Chen Shi brought the topic back on the right track. "Then who received Duan Lin's head?"

Little Four spread out his hands. "I don't know!"

"Who told you about the identity of the corpse?"

"He was anonymous!" The answer was the same as what Chen Shi expected. Little Four said, "When everyone all received the corpse parts, the group erupted into a commotion. The anonymous person said it was Duan Lin and that someone was taking revenge against him. He was very afraid and hoped that us buddies could do him a favor."

"What favor?"

"Disposing of the body... Later, he told us that if the police ask who had received each part, we should not tell you."

"Tell me all the information you know about who received which part." Chen Shi changed his train of thought and used the elimination method instead.

"Little Wei received a leg. I received the right hand, and Big Ox's bag was soft. They were probably internal organs."

"Can you be more specific?"

"I don't know the details. I really only know this much. We each carried a big black plastic bag on the day the body was abandoned, so nothing could be seen."

"Okay!" Chen Shi sighed helplessly. "Show me your group chat."

Little Four took out his mobile phone and Chen Shi saw that the group was really called "Mushroom Cultivation Skills Exchange Group" and that there was nothing in it. Little Four shrugged. "Brother Xiao deleted everything to guard against police investigation."

"What do you have to guard yourself against?"

"We have guilty consciences!" Little Four said with a mischievous smirk.

At this time, Zhang Xiao posted a message in the group. "This is not a drill! This is not a drill! This is not a drill! Little Wei was killed by a psychopath. The police have just sought me out. Don't hide and cover things up. Actively cooperate with the police in solving the case. Life is precious!"

There was one more message attached below. "Just don’t disclose everything. Don't help them so much that you end up putting yourself in jail!"

The others started discussing fervently in an instant. The discussion moved so quickly that Chen Shi was dizzy just from looking at it. He thought to himself that this group of people may all have engaged in shady business like scamming money and sex. Of course, they were only investigating the murder case. They’ll deal with this matter afterward!

Chen Shi handed the phone back to Little Four. "Tell them to say which body parts they had received."

Little Four sent out a message according to his wish and stated that it was a police request. As soon as the message was sent out, an anonymous message appeared, "Please don't tell them! The police are using the exclusion method! I'll be exposed if you guys tell them!"

Everyone condemned him saying, "Bastard, who are you? You killed Little Wei!", "You didn’t reveal your identity from start to

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