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"I think the murderer has clearly expressed what he wants to express. He’s avenging Duan Lin and will continue to kill people in the future!"

Chen Shi expressed his opinions in the car.

Lin Dongxue said, "Although I think so too... but we should still wait for the identification results to come out!"

"We don't need to wait for identification for everything. It’s good to have a mind of one’s own!"

Peng Sijue who was sitting in front said, "Someone means that my existence has no value!"

"Aiya, Old Peng, don’t take your seat based on your number,[1] okay?" Chen Shi said, "By the way, I want to ask you about something. Which parts were Duan Lin divided into?"

"The head, upper chest plus left and right upper arms, left forearm, right forearm, pelvis plus left and right thighs, right calf, left calf, abdominal viscera, heart and lungs as well as other thoracic viscera."

"Thank you. You see? Little Wei had his left calf cut off. I have a bold idea. I think what he received was the left calf, and that the corpse parts they received were death notices."

The nine guys had been reluctant to talk about which part each person had received.

Lin Dongxue said, "I don't understand why they don't want to say which part they had received. It doesn’t affect anything? Like with that Little Four previously, he was willing to talk about all the nasty things they did. However, he refused to talk regarding this matter no matter what."

Chen Shi said, "I was also thinking about this and suddenly discovered that we have always had a blind spot. How did they know that the corpse in their hands came from a girl named Duan Lin? Of course, for the one who received the head, it would have been obvious at a glance. For the remaining eight who received the hands, feet, and internal organs, it would have been impossible for them to know!"

"Ah!!!" Lin Dongxue suddenly realized. "They want to hide who received the head. But why? Is this important?"

"It’s the murderer's test!" Chen Shi pointed out with a piercing gaze. "The murderer doesn't know who killed Duan Lin, but he has a suspect in his heart. This suspect received the head. This person only needs to recognize Duan Lin and the person who killed Duan Lin would definitely be him. Having a guilty conscience, the 'suspect' himself realized that something bad was about to happen, so he did two things. The first was to destroy the face of the deceased, and the second was to make the other eight people conceal it together."

Lin Dongxue thought for a while and said, "Is there another possibility that the 'suspect' had received another corpsepart? For example, if Duan Lin had a birthmark on her chest? Just think. These nine people usually showed off their new girlfriends in the group. When we first asked Zhang Xiao to come in for questioning, he knew about Duan Lin, and Little Four also knew about Duan Lin. This shows that the information between them was publicly shared. Maybe there

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