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Volume 47: Dream Exchange Murder

After the Little Four case was closed, the headless man incident was still unresolved. Although the police gave an explanation, the public always felt a little skeptical when they saw the words "expert" and "refuting rumors."

Just like Chen Shi’s estimation, few people were willing to believe the truth. All kinds of speculations were tossed around. Conspiracy theories, aliens, and human experiments were all topics that came about. Maybe life was too ordinary and everyone needed a little mysticism to adjust it.

On April 10th, on a quiet day, Lin Dongxue finally had a day of rest. She was wearing a loose T-shirt while playing with the computer at Chen Shi's house and waiting for food.

Chen Shi was preparing dinner, humming the tune of "Red Sun"[1] while cutting vegetables. He suddenly found that his humming tune had an echo. Upon closer inspection, Lin Dongxue was actually hummimg the same tune in the living room.

Lin Dongxue was wearing headphones and playing League of Legends with all her heart. She was so reckless that her teammates were crying. Five minutes in, the other team had already raised a boss.[2]

Chen Shi thought that it was impossible for her to hear him, so it must be a coincidence. But then again, when would she have ever listened to this old song?

With a testing mentality, he hummed "Troubled World Superstar"[3] and looked at the living room with his head poking out. A minute later, Lin Dongxue also hummed the tune.

Chen Shi was shocked and tried to hum "Soul Haunting Old Dreams"[4] this time. This time, he hummed very quietly, just like a mosquito’s buzz. As it was such an old song, even if their hearts were aligned, Lin Dongxue wouldn't be able to hum it.

However, what happened was shocking. Lin Dongxue was able to hum the same tune.

Chen Shi was inexplicably surprised. In order to clear his doubts, he went to Lin Dongxue. Lin Dongxue, who was waiting or to be resurrected, turned to look at him with a smile and leaned in to kiss him on the cheek.

"What were you humming just now?" Chen Shi asked.

"Huh?" Lin Dongxue took off her headphones. "What?"

"Did you hum a song just then?"

"Yeah, I'm listening to your playlist. The old songs are pretty good."

Hearing Lin Dongxue opening the song listening software, Chen Shi saw that the three songs played were "Red Sun", "Troubled World Superstar", and "Soul Haunting Old Dreams". He solved the case there and then. It turns out that he usually listened to this song list. A conditioned reflex was formed and the humming of songs came in the aforementioned order. Lin Dongxue happened to be listening to the playlist.

Chen Shi smiled and said, "I thought we had telepathy. As expected, mysterious events can all be explained."

"What is it? You baffling guy, when is the meal ready? People are hungry~" Lin Dongxue stretched out her hands coquettishly.

"It'll be ready soon. The soup is ready."

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